Grow Grow: a Revolution in Modern Education Enabled by Advanced AR Technology

Grow Grow is a smart learning app which is empowered by the latest AR technology. It works via an app that is available both for android and ios systems, with content-rich smart cards. Get a smartphone with camera, open the app, and scan the content on the smart card, your kids will be amazed by what they see.

Grow a tree on the mobile phone

Grow Grow offers professionally designed smart cards with content aiming for early education. There is a wide range of the smart cards delivering knowledge in entertainment.

For example, there are many cards about fruits and vegetables. Kids can learn about all kinds of fruits and vegetables in a much more dynamic way than just looking at some static pictures on the blackboard. They can see it in different angles, zoom in to see them better, interact with them, and build a vivid impression on them. They can also hear audio recorded by professionals while looking at the content on the cards. Moreover, the cards are very content rich. There can be as many as five 3D animations embedded, kids could learn the whole process of how a plant grows from a seed. They can literally have the experience of “growing” a tree on the phone!

Interactive Gamification

Grow Grow also designed interactive games with AR, which is available in exactly the same way. During the learning process, give the kids a break by letting them have some fun with a well-designed game about Team Veggies against Team Fruits. It will not only let them have some fun as traditional games do but also enhance their impression and knowledge about the fruits and vegetables that they learned earlier. You can say that this game is also kind of learning. 

Personalized content according to specific preferences and different interests

Grow Grow not only offers a large variety of content-rich smart cards but also supports self-created content. Kids can draw whatever they like on the drawing cards, and the app can animate the content on the drawing, making them into Augmented 3D animations! It truly encourages kids to be creative and experimental, helping them develop their own strength and build their own interests.

Aren’t your kids going to love drawing even more?

Interested in give it a try? Grow Grow is raising fund for more development and designed contents. Support Grow Grow on Indiegogo platform, or simply share the message with friends and families, I’m sure it will help them make more progress!

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