Jason Kenzie Launches World’s First Rap Song about Being a Photographer

November 28, 2017 – Singing rap isn’t such as hard thing as it appears, especially when the subject is one that has never been sung about. Professional photographer Jason Kenzie realized that no rapper, indie or professional, had done a photography related rap song, and took up the challenge. The result is now out, and the music video, “World’s Best Worst Rapper You Haven’t Heard Of”, can be watched on YouTube.

Every artist is born with the desire to push the limits and challenge themselves, and it is particularly the case with photographers like Jason. Jason was approached by cinematographer Izik Nox for making a hip-hop song on photography. Not being a singer, Jason initially hesitated, but was urged on by the fact that no photography related rap song currently existed.

“I decided to take on the challenge and jump way outside my comfort zone about the size of the Grand Canyon,” says Jason with a laugh.

After ten months of rigorous training, practicing and polishing the fast and intricate art of rap singing, the world’s first rap song about photography was ready to see the light of the day. “World’s Best Worst Rapper You Haven’t Heard Of” is a fun take on the job of being a photographer, and was launched on November 11, 2017 on YouTube.

“Throughout this production, I wanted to quit because I couldn’t grasp the fast lyrics and to hit the right notes. After 10 weeks on production, we have finished and even though my singing isn’t perfect, I never gave up. Love it or hate it, please share with others so at least there will be smiles and laughter, at my expense,” says Jason.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/ayKfJ_cibKY

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