Global Dental Market is growing due to Consumer Alertness of Oral Healthcare

“Global Dental Market is expected to more than US$ 60 Billion industry by 2024.”
Renub Research report titled “Global Dental Market (Preventive, Restoratives Implants, Prosthetics, Orthodontics, Endodontic, Dental Equipment) Analysis & Companies Dental Sales & Strategy” provides a comprehensive assessment of the fast–evolving, high–growth global dental market. This 96 page report with 44 Figures & 4 Tables studies global dental market from 4 view points: (Global Dental Market & Share Analysis, Global Dental Market Segment, Key Growth Drivers & Challenges, Key Dental Players)

Global Dentistry is in a period of revolution. The people is aging and becoming more diverse. The health care delivery system is changing quickly with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. End user habits are shifting with seeking greater value from their spending and gradually more relying on technology. The oral disease and the financing of dental care are in a state of flux.

Global Dental Market relies on US$ 60 Billion industry

This report is based on an inclusive literature review and key informant interviews with numerous dental organizations. Renub Research expects that by the year 2024, Global Dental Market relies on US$ 60 Billion industry. Furthermore, factors like changing lifestyles, rising geriatric population, increasing incidences of dental caries and other periodontal diseases, rising demand for cosmetic dentistry, and increased public and private health care expenditure are steadily driving the dental care market.


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The conventional make‐up of the global population will shift dramatically over the coming years shifting the nature of dental consumers. The young age groups are gradually more diverse while the elderly will continue to be primarily more effective. Dental Consumables are a kind of products that are used on patients by dental professional or practitioners in order to perform and treat procedures associated with restorative, preventive, emergency oral health issues and diagnostics.


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History of Dentistry

Dating back to 7000 B.C, Dental is one of the oldest professions. Still, it was not until the 1700s that it became a more distinct profession. Dental industry has thus boomed as a result of the overall enhancement in the dentistry techniques adopted and practiced by dental professionals globally.

The different preventive cares and repairs are associated with the oral health of the ever emergent population globally have consistently added to the growth of the dental consumables market globally. Dentistry has also further developed and evolved its sub branches resulting in specialist oral care depending upon the type of treatment required for the oral care.

Dental Equipment segment represented the most extreme share among other portion like Preventive, Restoratives, Prosthetics, Implants, Orthodontics and Endodontic studied in the report in the year 2017. The developing reception of cutting edge innovation and equipment in the conclusion and treatment methodology to guarantee that every patient ought to get quality dental care benefits decidedly affected this market section to prosper once in a while.

The dental market by product segments like Preventive, Restoratives, Prosthetics, Implants, Orthodontics and Endodontic. Renub Research anticipates that dental implants will experience the fastest market growth in the coming years. The average cost of dental implant treatments has been brought down by the advancement of medical technologies, elevation in the expansion of implant materials and the growth in the number of related professionals. Because of the lower costs and advancement in technologies, dental implant treatments have also become more widely accepted by patients. In Addition, the global dental market continues to grow and its opportunities are attracting interest from major companies within the global dental industry.



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Hurdles in Dental Market globally

Stable Price Pressure & Increasing Competition

In spite of solid market expansion, businesses are anticipating slightly stronger competition saddled with stable price pressure over the coming years. In the dental industry, the competitive pressures from wholesalers that expand and market their own brand.

Low-priced providers are another source of competitive pressure, especially those from non European markets like Asia- Pacific’s. Their influence though will remain marginal for the time being owing to their inability to guarantee short turnaround order processing times and to their sometimes suboptimal product quality. As low-priced providers continuously get better their quality, manufacturers take for granted that the price level, particularly for standard segments, will drop further.

Demand & Supply Hurdles

The market developments yield challenges for manufacturers of dental products, which require adaptations, as well as in their marketing and sales approaches. From the supply point of view i.e. managing wholesalers as well as differentiating the wholesalers. And from the demand point of view managing the consumers and to tackles the consumers need.

Companies recognizing what needs to be done

In the coming years, they will continue to focus on innovation in their technologies. In the meantime, the companies are facing considerable changes in both demand and supply. While most companies already make out what must be done to overcome these problems.


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