Now That’s Cool E-Store To Add New Cool Products for the Holiday Season

Now That’s Cool is a one of a kind store that brings a vast variety of cool products for people who celebrate their individuality and are not afraid to show it. The products available on the website vary from cool fidget spinners to unique pieces of statement jewelry. Now That’s Cool e-store is the brainchild of a group of creative and cool individuals and designers who believe that being cool is like being honest, and when one embraces their “cool” it really shines on an individual. That’s Cool will be offering a whole new range of cool products for the upcoming holiday season, including cheerful Russian nesting dolls, each product has been hand-picked for originality and maximum effect.

Something unique about the Now That’s Cool e-store is that it does not rely on other brands or fancy labels to get its point of individuality across. Therefore, free from influence, the store maintains a focus on what its customers love and want. For the people at Now That’s Cool staying true to their core principle of celebrating individuality and coolness is of prime importance and thus they stay away from brands and only deal in skillfully crafted items.

Each product on offer on Now That’s Cool is a symbol of artisanship and quality. The team has dedicated a lot of time and effort to ensure that products combine centuries-old workmanship, knowledge, and techniques to produce the best and most stunning array of products that also have a hint of modernism and contemporary style. “We are proud to say that That’s Cool products stand for quality in every detail. We have scored the highest quality materials to construct our beautiful products. For all of our collections, we ensure our expert designers make sure our high standard is reflected in the materials we use and the innovations we apply,” said the Now That’s Cool spokesperson.

Besides their team’s vision, the customers of Now That’s Cool have played an important part in shaping the brand and identity of the e-store and the range of products that they offer. The products are simply the impact of what the team and customers find cool, in all their glory. Their original inspired designs will also make a great gift anyone in touch with their cool side.


Now That’s Cool is a web store which sells original inspired hand designed and crafted products for cool people who love to show off their individuality. For more information and to view the entire collection of cool products, please visit:

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