ENERGIS Provides Clients with Solar Savings Calculator for Return investment Calculation

Melbourne, Australia  – 28th November, 2017 – It’s important to calculate the Return on Investment for a Solar Power System. Understanding the Return on Investment will also help you calculate the size of the system that is most suitable for you. Obviously the larger the system, the higher the initial investment, but it also means more accumulative savings in the future: How does solar power work?

It is also important to attempt to match your current and foreseeable energy output to the size of the system, so that your home isn’t affected by the rise of electricity prices in the future, more reason Energis provides clients with solar calculator

The first step to take is to go to your files and bring out your latest power bill.

It is important to note that the Page 2 of your bill must look something like this:

Your three-monthly usage is 902 + 2567 kWh = 3469 kWh.  The supply charge is a constant; you cannot do much about that!

It is important to take record of these figures for your bill after first checking. It is a three-monthly bill; if it’s monthly, you will need to multiply the usage by three. The price you are paying is, on average, about 23 cents per kWh.

Armed with this data you can now login to the Aus1 Energis website.  www.energis.com.au .Once you’re in the website, navigate around so you feel part of the space and can appreciate the role that signatories to the Clean Energy Councils Retail Code of Conduct have to play.

Now please return to the residential solar calculator. Select Solar and then Solar Savings Calculator.

The following screen will appear.

You also need to be able to estimate how much of your energy is consumed during the sunlight hours; these are the hours when the sun shines and the solar PV system operates.  You cannot generate solar energy at night.  This figure is expressed as a percentage; if you’re all home all day then you may consume 70% during the sun hours; if no-one’s home then it might be 40%.  This called “your approximate daytime usage (%)”.

The last figure you need to enter is the price you expect to pay for the solar PV system.  You can vary this figure to affect the payback period.

If I enter the figures from the bill above into the calculator, then the return would be this:

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You will also need to give your name, address, contact numbers and email address and indicate whether your home is single or double storey and whether you are also looking for battery storage.

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