Beloved Family Music Group The SqueeGees Release Second Album “Veggie Soup”

As one of the most popular children’s music groups, the SqueeGees have long been a favorite of young kids and their parents. The Redondo Beach band has been producing upbeat, family friendly tunes for a number years.  Their first album “Meet the SqueeGees” was an enormous critical and commercial success, helping secure them a place in the homes of millions of families.  The SqueeGees have now prepared their second album for release, “Veggie Soup”, which is almost assured of being an even bigger hit.

“Veggie Soup” will be released through Pierre de Reeder’s company, Little Record company.  This album will feature some important topics like environmentalism, healthy eating, musical instruments, dancing, Spanish and staying clean. The underlying theme of this record is SHEER HAPPINESS, but there are important lessons for children about preserving the environment, exercise and health conscious meals, and multiculturalism. 

In order to make “Veggie Soup” the fan favorite and commercial success it promises to be, the SqueeGees are asking the public to help support them financially.  While they estimate it will cost $12,000 to produce the album, manufacture and distribute the CD’s, and promote the album, the SqueeGees are only asking its fans to provide $8,000 through their Kickstarter campaign.  Although this crowdfunding campaign is a departure from their independent financing model which they used on their first album, these funds will help the group produce the best possible album. If financial support is not possible at this time, please consider publicizing the Kickstarter campaign on Facebook, Twitter or other community platforms.  To learn more about the SqueeGees and “Veggie Soup” or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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