Get Cash for Junk Cars in Columbus, OH, By Contacting Edison Automotive Inc. for Removal

Earn extra cash and get rid of an eyesore by contacting Edison Automotive Inc. for junk car removal. Their local, family-owned company pays cash on the spot for old vehicles of all types and even provides free pickup services, making the process as convenient as possible.

Many people have a dead car or truck taking up space on their property. It’s an eyesore and an inconvenience, but it can also bring in some extra cash for the holiday season. Edison Automotive Inc. pays top dollar for junk cars of all makes and models. Furthermore, they remove it for free while complying with EPA standards. Give them a call today to make money, clear up space, and do right by the environment.

Towing a vehicle to a junkyard can be expensive and time-consuming. Let the crew at Edison Automotive Inc. handle the hard work at no extra cost. They have their own auto salvage junkyard, so they are happy to pick up and transport dead vehicles for free. In return, the customer receives cash for their vehicle the very same day. Their family-owned company has been in the auto salvage business for more than seven decades; they know the secret to success is to make the removal process convenient and rewarding for the client. Don’t pay someone to haul off an old lemon. Sell it to Edison Automotive Inc. instead.

Need a specific car part? Visit Edison Automotive Inc.’s junkyard to find the right part at a low price. A wide range of auto parts are available, including tires, transmissions, transmissions, alternators, and much more. They maintain an organized warehouse to make finding parts easy and also offer self-service pick-and-pull directly from their scrapyard.

Schedule junk car pick up by calling Edison Automotive Inc. at (641) 602-4859. Information about removal is also available on their website. Their crew serves clients throughout Columbus, Reynoldsburg, Dublin, Bexley, and Grove City, Ohio, as well as the surrounding communities.

Media Contact
Company Name: Edison Automotive Inc.
Contact Person: David Edison
Phone: (614) 602-4859
Address:1529 McKinley Avenue
City: Columbus
State: OH
Country: United States