Celebrating Ten Years of Success: Innovet Pet Products Launches VitaLeaf Naturals

The No. 1 Pet CBD Company in the World Opens Its Doors to People

Los Angeles, California: On 11/15/2017, VitaLeaf Naturals Inc. will launch their website dedicated to providing CBD treatment to medical patients around the United States. With over 10 years of experience with pet products and as the No. 1 seller of CBD products to pets, VitaLeaf Naturals will provide organic CBD derived from hemp that is legal for human consumption in all 50 states. CBD is rapidly gaining traction as a treatment and form of relief for a number of illnesses and the company is passionate to bring their knowledge and expertise to the human side.  

Speaking upon the success of InnovetPet.com and how it affected the launch of Vita Leaf Naturals, Director of Sales and Marketing, David Louvet said “We’re excited. Our passion has always been with pets for the longest time, and now we get to put our expertise, passion, and customer service into human supplements”

Innovet Pet Products founded 12 years ago by David Louvet and Matt Terrill, is the company that started it all. Weathering the economic downturn of the Great Recession, innovetpet.com focused their attention on CBD research and development believing CBD products deserved to meet a higher standard, and after becoming the No. 1 CBD provider to pets, they knew CBD as a treatment for people needed their expertise and experience. Because of this experience, VitaLeaf Naturals launches their website vitaleafnaturals.com with four versions of CBD oil: 125 mg and 250 mg full spectrum for first-time users suffering from illnesses such as mild pain and anxiety, and 750 mg and 1500 mg concentrated versions for chronic issues.

VitaLeaf Naturals have all too often seen other companies make false claims relating to their products’ potency and legality when often it’s been derived from a poor quality and often illegal cannabis source. This all too often occurrence prompted the DEA to make a blanket statement on CBD’s legality in late 2016, which was instantly challenged by companies that provide CBD derived from legal hemp. Hemp and its derivatives are legal for sale and consumption in all 50 States, as outlined in the 2014 US Farm Bill. Vita Leaf Natural will operate with complete transparency with their consumers and the public in hopes to rebrand the image placed upon CBD.
About VitaLeaf Naturals: VitaLeaf Naturals is a division of TLM Research Labs LLC, based out of Los Angeles, California and provides legal and organically grown hemp CBD products to people all around the United States. Launching off of Innovet Pet, founded in 2005, Vita Leaf Naturals builds itself from a company whose success earned them the title of the No. 1 supplier of CBD products for pets. 

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