Ipe Woods nears completion of additional warehouse locations in the U.S.

Leading supplier of Ipe Woods in the U.S., Ipe Woods USA, nears the completion of securing 3 additional warehouse locations in the United States to enhance effectiveness and faster delivery

Ipe Woods is one of the leading suppliers of Ipe Woods in the United States. As part of the company’s commitment to ensure customer satisfaction, Ipe Woods USA is nearing the completion of securing 3 additional warehouse locations for transport of high quality Ipe in the U.S. the addition of 3 new warehouse locations will increase the company’s network to over 11 warehouses that Ipe Woods USA ships from. This will consequently help to reduce the cost and time for customers.

Ipe Woods USA currently has an inventory of more than $20 million dollars’ worth of exotic Ipe wood in the United States. The woods are available and ready to ship to customers across the nation. Ipe Woods USA has not stated if each of the new locations will get its own new inventory from Brazil or if it will be disbursed from other locations already existing in the U.S. Some of the warehouse locations already existing in the U.S. include Reno, Nevada, Denver, Colorado and Chicago, Illinois.

Ipe Woods USA also announced the launch of its awareness campaign to battle shady lumber dealers in the United States. Over the years, there have been several discussions surrounding the sustainability of harvesting Ipe. This has been followed with misconceptions particularly on the part of the public. Ipe Woods USA is therefore taking the bold step of intimating the public about sustainably harvesting Ipe. Ipe Woods USA commitment to a sustainable environment was made clear when it pulled existing offers from companies that have recently been declared to be engaged in illegal deforestation. While illegal logging only accounts for a small portion of rainforest deforestation, Ipe Woods USA believes that the 1% is on the high side. This has necessitated the push for the awareness campaign.

Finally, the company has launched a new program for companies that purchase more than $50,000 worth of Ipe monthly. The program is designed to further reduce the high prices buyers pay for their products, through a group called the Lumber Consortium. The Consortium uses the group’s buying power to book shipments of Ipe from Brazil. This helps to reduce the overall shipping costs and the Ipe cost in general, providing wood at near import cost.

About Ipe Woods USA

Ipe Woods USA is a leading wood supplier that specializes in providing premium quality Ipe wood(s). Ipe Woods USA was founded with the aim of providing the highest quality Ipe wood at the lowest possible cost to customers across the U.S. The company currently provides more than 200 pickup locations for the convenience of their customer, while also offering direct delivery to the customer’s doorstep or job site.

Ipe Woods is proud to be an environmentally conscious company, buying only Ipe that is sustainably sourced.

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