James Womble Launches Campaign on Indiegogo To Fund Project Dragon Armory, The Firearms, and Gunsmithing Retail Store

James Womble makes use of the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to launch Dragon Armory, the Limo, Ohio-based gun-smithing and firearm retail stores.

James Womble, an entrepreneur with good knowledge of guns and firearms, has announced the launch of a fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo for setting up if the Dragon Armory retail company. James is passionate about guns and loves to help people keep their firearms in great condition.

“I am happy to announce that my Indiegogo campaign has rolled out and will be aimed at raising funds for launching the Dragon Armory store at Lima, Ohio,” says James Womble. “My chances of success are better as there are not many knowledgeable gunsmiths here. The long-term goal is to open my own front store with a full-fledged indoor shooting range.”

James Womble has been planning to open a storefront and indoor shooting range in Lima, Ohio and in a location that’s convenient for everyone to use. He intends to offer a shooting range that can be available to all enthusiasts round the year. The facility will offer shooting as well as gunsmithing facility and will also deal with firearm retail sales and accessories.

According to James, the funds raised through the campaign on Indiegogo will be used for achieving all these objectives and also for arranging additional educational facilities related to shooting so that the proposed store can serve customers better.

My name is looking forward to establishing the Dragon Armory store as he wants to be able to have more time and flexibility to help his aging parents at home. They need his time and support. There are a couple of reasons why James wants to start Dragon Armory as a gunsmithing company.

First, he is passionate about guns and loves helping people keep their firearms in good working order. Secondly, there are very few people with good knowledge of guns and firearms in Lima, Ohio. This puts James in a different league and definitely enhances the chances of succeeding in his endeavor. James has also been continuously updating his knowledge in this field by attending classes. He wants to be the best expert in guns and firearms in Lima, Ohio so that his customers will have a wonderful experience doing business with him.

The aim to open a storefront with an indoor shooting range is also being done with many several purposes. The company wants to offer shooting classes and rentals so that potential buyers can get a chance to try out a gun in a real shooting range before they buy one.

The shooting range offers a safe environment for target practice. The building will also serve as the retail store for customers with a workshop in the back for cleaning/fixing firearms and building and catering to custom orders. It can also serve as a potential future manufacturing unit of some of the parts related to the firearms.

The funding received through Indiegogo campaign can also be used for a variety of tasks such as building storefront with a large workshop at the back, buying equipment and building inventory, building indoor shooting range, sales floor hardware, hiring of employees, and for gaining knowledge for self and employees wishing to work in the workshop.

James Womble has a flexible financial goal of $1,000,000 for the project to be raised on Indiegogo. The deadline is around two months away.

About Dragon Armory:

Dragon Armory is the dream storefront and indoor shooting range that firearms and guns expert and enthusiast, James Womble hopes to establish. The store will offer year-round shooting and gunsmithing comfort as well as firearm retail sales and accessories facility to Lima, Ohio residents.


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