JT Spas releases more modern and contemporary designs to freestanding bath range

Bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, and customers looking for the ideal freestanding bath can definitely benefit from more choices. Recently, JT Spas added to its collection of modern and contemporary-style freestanding baths which are a great option for the modern bathroom.

JT Spas has been supplying a myriad of bathroom products for UK customers for years. These bathroom products extend from bathroom fixtures such as taps and basins to toilets, radiators, shower enclosures, accessories, and even bathroom furniture and complete bathroom suites. Without a doubt, JT Spas has made it easier for customers to update and upgrade their bathrooms with better bathroom essentials which also come at an affordable price.

But for customers who are seeking the ideal bath for their bathroom, freestanding baths are now a more popular alternative to built-in or alcove baths. Freestanding baths lend a more dramatic and attractive appeal to any bathroom, and can quickly become the bathroom’s focal point that is not only beautiful, but practical and functional as well.

And now, JT Spas has released an even more extensive selection of freestanding baths in a modern and contemporary style which many customers appreciate. Modern freestanding baths have a more distinct and sleek look, with sharp lines and sharper curved shapes. One prime example of this is the popular Naples Modern Double Ended Small Freestanding Bath, which measures 1500mm by 750mm. The bath is on special offer at JT Spas, and customers can purchase it for only £469, down from its original retail price of £1259. JT Spas describes the bath in more detail: “The Naples freestanding bath is one that reflects a more traditional design, featuring a double ended bath design with a sleek looking over flow and click clack waste. The Naples freestanding bath tub is moulded from two 5mm sanitary grade acrylic sheets coated with extra fibre resin and offering superior heat retaining properties.”

Another popular choice with a more distinctive and unique black colour is the Santa Maria Double Ended Black Freestanding Bath, with measurements of 1700mm by 800mm. This bath is also on sale for only £545, down from its regular price of £1289 – allowing customers to save as much as £744. And at 50% off comes the Moretti Contemporary Freestanding Bath, measuring 1550mm by 780mm by 760mm. From its original price of £1499, the bath is now down to a mere £650. To find out more about the freestanding bath collection at JT Spas, visit http://www.jtspas.co.uk.

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JT Spas is a renowned bathroom product supplier which offers high-quality and affordable bathroom products, and this includes a wide range of freestanding baths. To find out more about its bathroom products and various offers, visit the website.

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