Regular and continuous sales and discounts offered for walk in showers at JT Spas

Walk in showers are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to traditional showers in many UK households, and for good reason. And for those who would like to upgrade their bathrooms and include a walk in shower enclosure, JT Spas has the answer with its continuous sale offers.

JT Spas has always kept up to date with the latest trends in bathroom design and function. Bathrooms today are not just rooms where one takes a shower or bath or grooms oneself – it is also a place where a person can relax, especially at the end of a long and taxing day, by either having a long steam shower or by immersing oneself in a fragrant bath.

The function of bathrooms today has broadened quite a bit, and this is where walk in showers have become a more popular option. Rather than go for the standard or traditional shower enclosure or cubicle, more and more homeowners are opting to install their very own walk in shower enclosures, which are more budget-friendly, safer for the entire family (since there are no high thresholds or barriers to step over), and easier to maintain and clean as well.

Walk in showers can be fitted into both big and small bathrooms, and customers can choose the number of panels they want and whether they want a walk in shower outfitted with doors or just a space where they can walk through. JT Spas adds, “Here at JT Spas we not only provide quality showers and baths, we also provide quality bathroom equipment including walk in shower enclosures. All our products come with a full guarantee including our easy to install walk in shower enclosures. With so many different styles to choose from and all with affordable prices, we have a walk in shower enclosure to suit any type of bathroom.”

Some of the bestsellers when it comes to walk in showers at JT Spas include the Phoenix Access Corner Enclosure, a 900mm side panel in glass and chrome, which is available for only £154.05 (down from its regular price of £237). JT Spas has continuous sale and discount offers for its walk in shower enclosures, which also includes the Lakes Bathrooms Classic Silver Walk In Return Panel, measuring 700mm, which is now offered for only £161, down from its price elsewhere of £244. To learn more about the walk in shower selection available at JT Spas, visit

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JT Spas is a renowned bathroom product provider offering high quality and affordable bathroom products. To learn more about its extensive walk in shower collection as well as other bathroom product offers, visit the JT Spas website.

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