Two new Aurora Lighting fire rated downlights now staff picks at Downlights Direct

Downlights Direct features a wide range of lighting products on its website – but amongst all these products, the Downlights Direct staff picks and chooses its preferred ones. And now, two Aurora Lighting fire rated downlights have been added to the list of staff picks – and for good reason.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2017 – There may be many products featured at Downlights Direct, all of which come from the most well-known manufacturers of lighting products, but only a few of these products can be classified as ‘staff picks.’ The staff of Downlights Direct make it a point to test and try out all the products being sold at Downlights Direct, and if any of these products meet with their stringent standards, they can become staff picks – products which are highly recommended by the expert members of the Downlights Direct staff. Staff picks are not only chosen based on their quality, functionality, and efficiency, however – they are also chosen for their affordability and value for money.

There are now two new staff picks amongst the roster of Aurora Lighting products at Downlights Direct, and these are the Aurora M-Pro Fire Rated LED Downlights (7W), and the Aurora E5 Fire Rated LED Downlights (4.5W). The Aurora M-Pro Fire Rated LED Downlight (7W) has been chosen as a staff pick and comes highly recommended due to its outstanding features. Downlights Direct attests, “The brand new Aurora M-Pro LED downlight which is now brighter and more energy efficient than the M10. Now insulation coverable and dimmable as standard, the Aurora M-Pro has all of the credentials to make it one of the biggest selling integrated LED downlights of all time!” What’s more, this product has received 5 stars from customer reviews.

The other staff pick is the Aurora E5 Fire Rated LED Downlight (4.5W), and this product is available at Downlights Direct for only £13.66 (including VAT). Its original price is £41.40, so customers have additional savings of 67%. Downlights Direct says more about the Aurora E5 downlight: “(This is) the new E5 LED downlight from the Aurora Enlite range. With a low energy consumption of 4.5W, it offers a low energy alternative to a 35W halogen with a lumen output of up to 380 lumens. This compact, fully integrated LED downlight is just 69mm in height, allowing it to be fitted into tight ceiling voids. It’s also fully fire rated and insulation coverable, making it one of the most complete LED downlights on the market. The IP65 rating allows it to be used in any rooms around the home, including bathrooms.”

About: Downlights Direct is a well known supplier of lighting products in the UK. To find out more about its Aurora Lighting product selection, visit the website.

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