Miniature Circuit Breakers from Chint Now Available in Four Pole Options at Expert Electrical

Miniature circuit breakers have an important use, especially for complex or tricky electrical installations. And now, thanks to Expert Electrical, customers who are looking for the right miniature circuit breaker can choose from a total of four pole options suitable for their every need.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2017 – There may be many electrical components which fulfill an important role in electrical systems and installations – but it can be said that miniature circuit breakers are some of the most significant. With the proper miniature circuit breaker, cables and electrical lines can be adequately protected from overloading or from short-circuiting.

At Expert Electrical, customers have plenty of choices in store, especially when it comes to miniature circuit breakers and related components. Expert Electrical, being a leading electrical product supplier in the UK for years, has made it a priority to supply customers with whatever they need, and one of the most trusted brands which Expert Electrical has partnered with is Chint.

The Chint range of miniature circuit breakers at Expert Electrical, for example, is more reliable and efficient than most. As Expert Electrical explains, “The Chint range of NB1 circuit breakers is available in a choice of poles, current ratings, tripping curves and breaking capacities… miniature circuit breakers (known as MCBs) can be used in Chint consumer units, Chint distribution boards or as standalone devices to provide circuit protection.”

And now, customers who are looking for the ideal miniature circuit breakers can choose from four pole options from Chint as well. The Chint miniature circuit breakers on offer at Expert Electrical come in single pole, double pole, triple pole, and four pole dimensions, making them more suitable for a wide variety of purposes. The single pole dimension has a width of 18mm and a height of 86mm, and its depth is 77mm, which includes the switch. The double pole, on the other hand, has the same height and depth as the single pole, but with a width of 36mm. The triple pole has a width of 54mm, but its height and depth are the same as the two other poles. The four pole has a width of 72mm, although its height and depth are also the same as the other poles.

The miniature circuit breakers’ tripping characteristics include the B Type, the C Type, and the D Type, with the B Type being suitable for light commercial or domestic use, the C Type is suitable for use in industry, and the D Type is suitable for applications with a very high current flow such as transformers or motors.

About: Expert Electrical is a well-known supplier of electrical products and components in the United Kingdom. To learn more about its high quality miniature circuit breaker selection and check out other premium sales and offers, visit the Expert Electrical website.

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