Walk in showers a safer alternative for families with young children, and the elderly, confirms JT Spas

Summary: Whilst there may be different types of shower enclosures available today, one type of enclosure is considered one of the safest – if not the safest: the walk in shower. Walk in shower enclosures are the go-to style of shower for those with young children and elderly individuals for their safety and easier maintenance, as JT Spas explains.

At JT Spas, customers are able to browse through a big selection of bathroom products, whether they need a simple bathroom mirror or a freestanding bath or walk in shower. Customers can find everything they need when it comes to their bathrooms at JT Spas, and these products come with reasonable pricing as well. But amongst the products available at JT Spas, walk in shower enclosures have become more popular with many customers – and for good reason.

One reason why walk in showers are in high demand is their safety. Since walk in shower enclosures hardly have any moving parts and are not often equipped with hinges, they are safer for families which have young children and toddlers. As everyone knows, children can have a difficult time in the bathroom, and a standard bathroom and shower can be a challenge for toddlers and young children to use. The same is true for elderly individuals, who have a more difficult time when it comes to mobility as well.

Walk in shower enclosures provide a safer solution for families and elderly people because they have no high barriers or thresholds over which one has to step. As their name implies, users simply have to ‘walk in’. Additionally, walk in showers are easier to clean, and they can also be equipped with other safety features such as shower benches or stools and hand rails.

The walk in shower enclosures and shower-related products at JT Spas come in an array of designs and styles. One of the bestsellers is the Lakes Bathrooms Classic Silver walk in return panel, which measures 700mm by 1850mm and which is available for as low as £161. The price of this walk in panel at other shops is £244, so customers who purchase it from JT Spas can save as much as £83. Other popular walk in shower items include the Premier Aegean walk in shower enclosure, measuring 1400mm by 906mm, and which customers can avail of for a mere £266.70 (down from its regular retail price of £381). To find out more about the selection of walk in showers and other types of shower enclosures at JT Spas, visit http://www.jtspas.co.uk.

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