Making a claim for a beauty injury has just been made easier by solicitors like Joanne Du Plessis

Health and beauty treatment injuries, as well as injuries related to cosmetic surgery and treatment, have been on the rise for years. More and more individuals are sustaining injuries due to negligence, a lack of skill and training, and a variety of other reasons. And this is where the service provided by Joanne Du Plessis has become a big help indeed.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2017 – According to experienced health and injury solicitors like Joanne Du Plessis, beauty injury claims are on the rise. As Joanne Du Plessis confirms, “The main causes of injuries being sustained from beauty treatments include faulty or incorrectly used equipment and errors made by poorly trained or inexperienced beauty practitioners. Injuries such as burns, chemical burns, allergic reactions, cuts and bleeding or scarring occur when products containing potentially dangerous chemicals are applied or prepared incorrectly, mistakes are made with heat based treatments or equipment is used incorrectly, or is faulty.”

Since the beauty industry is also heavily deregulated, more people – both men and women – are suffering from beauty injuries. Joanne Du Plessis adds, “The lack of statutory regulation in this rapidly growing industry is a major contributor to this issue as there is nothing to stop poorly trained or inexperienced beauty practitioners from starting to offer beauty treatments.”

For those who have suffered a beauty injury due to a beauty treatment, there is some good news, however. Joanne Du Plessis has made it much easier to make a claim for compensation through the claims compensation form readily available on the solicitor’s website. In order to make a claim for compensation, applicants simply have to fill in the form with their name, email address, postal address, telephone number, and the details of their claim or injury, and they can then simply wait for the solicitor’s prompt response.

Joanne Du Plessis’ service as a solicitor is made more effective through her partnership with a reputable firm. Joanne Du Plessis explains, “Your claim will be handled by me personally under the umbrella of my law firm, Shires Law. This will give you both the double benefit of both the power of a larger law firm and the reassurance of support from a beauty specialist solicitor who will work with you personally and support you through the whole process.”

About the company: Joanne du Plessis is an experienced health and beauty injury solicitor helping victims file claims for compensation in the UK justice system. To find out more about how to file beauty injury claims, cosmetic injury claims, hair damage claims, and more, visit the website.

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