Man Releases Explosive Podcast About His Time In Chung Moo Quan Martial Arts Cult

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, November 29th, 2017 – A recently-released podcast sheds light in the culture and practices of the infamous Chung Moo Quan Martial Arts cult. Deceived: The Moo Years, created by Mr. Russell Johnson, is more than a first-person account of the experience of being part of the cult. Told in 12 installments spanning over 12 weeks, Deceived: The Moo Years features interviews with martial artists, mind control experts, and former victims of the Chung Moo Quan, painting a horrifying picture of the true nature of a cult operating under the guise of a martial arts school.

The podcast delves deep into how the Chung Moo Quan Martial Arts School affected Mr. Johnson himself, as well as other School members, who, unbeknownst to them, found themselves becoming heavily immersed in a lifestyle that involved them being submitted to questionable tactics, and being indoctrinated with troubling principles.

The Chung Moo Quan Martial Arts School has long been plagued by controversies, having dominated the news cycle from the late 80s and well into the mid-90s. Founded by John C. Kim, known by his students as Grandmaster “Iron” Kim, the Chung Moo Quan Martial Arts School quickly gained notoriety for its training methods. The latter included Mr. Kim administering his trademark “loyalty tests” to affirm his students’ devotion, allegedly having them choose between “leaving the school, or death.”

Mr. Johnson, who is quick to point out that Deceived: The Moo Years, is not against martial arts, has called on board expert martial artists, who help define the characteristics that define the legitimacy and integrity of a proper martial arts school.

Reviewing Deceived: The Moo Years, Mr. Calvin Yocum, Motion Picture Story Analyst at 20th Century Fox, said that “It’s certainly the most compelling angle on martial world I’ve seen in years.”

Deceived: The Moo Years is the prequel to Mr. Johnson’s soon-to-be-published memoir, Deceived: a Journey into Darkness, pertaining to the same subject.

All Deceived: The Moo Years episodes can be found on the podcast’s Soundcloud page.

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