Huckleberry Road Music releases first single off its upcoming EP “Gravity”

Popular Country Rock Band, Huckleberry Road Music, announces the release of its debut single, the cover of Steve Perry’s “Oh Sherry,” off its soon-to-be-released EP

Huckleberry Road Music is an American Country Rock band based in Reno. The music group recently announced the release of its first single, a cover of the popular song, “Oh Sherry,” from music legend Steve Perry. The debut song from the group is the first from its EP scheduled to be released in January 2018.

Over the years, the popularity of country music seems to have diminished, with other music genres taking over the music space. However, the beauty of country music cannot be overemphasized and while the likes of urban hip-hop and other such music genres, music bands like the Huckleberry Road Music have helped retain the originality and sustained the popularity of country music.

The cover of “Oh Sherry” has been released on digital platforms like iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. The cover shows the creativity, versatility and technical abilities of the group. The acoustics version of the cover is available on the group’s website for the listening pleasure of lovers of country music. The single is also available on Amazon and Google Play store.

Huckleberry Road Music, while staying true to the originality of American country music, is highly influenced by Rock n Roll and Traditional Country music. The band is based in Reno and has featured in several live performances and musical arrangements. Consisting of a talented team of creative musicians, Huckleberry Road Music has helped in recreating country music, allowing more people to accept the genre of music.

Huckleberry Road Music’s unique sound and thought-provoking lyrics have made country music even more popular not only in Reno but across the United States. Huckleberry Road Music consists of two band members – Robbie James, the Lead Vox, and guitarist; and Anthony Vairetta, the lead guitarist, and backup vox. Influenced by the likes of Chris Stapleton, Colter Wall, Jason Aldean, Zak Wylde, and Jason Isbell, Huckleberry Road Music has created a niche in the country music genre.

Huckleberry Road Music has appeared in shows across the United States, with several live performances. The group’s history also contains several music arrangements and professional recording sessions that have allowed it to become one of the most sought-after music groups in Reno.

Huckleberry Road Music prides itself on its technical abilities and musical versatility, allowing it to break boundaries with its unique sound. More information about the group can be found on its Facebook page (

About Huckleberry Road Music

Huckleberry Road Music is a country music group based in Reno. The male fronted country music group has created a niche for itself in the industry, with its unique style of sound. The group plans to release its EP in January of 2018 and has recently released a cover of Steve Perry’s “Oh Sherry,” a single of the EP.

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