Atlas Distribution Company Launches Secure Online Test Screening Service

LOS ANGELES, CA – 11/29/2017 — Atlas Distribution Company announced today the official launch of, a proprietary, secure, online test-screening platform for feature films, trailers, television shows, commercials, and more. provides test screening results reflective of real-world reception by virtue of its unique ability to test diverse geographical regions, while limiting the test audience to actual potential ticket buyers who have shown a predisposition to purchase tickets to like-films. Through these proprietary means, iScreeningRoom is also regularly utilized to precisely identify a project’s target audience or discover weaknesses in a production.

“ test results are consistently more accurate than live in-theater tests. There’s simply no way for an in-theater screening, on a single night, in a single location, with a recruited audience, to provide a reliable indication as to how a film will be received nationally. iScreeningRoom solves that problem.” said President, Harmon Kaslow.

With security being at the forefront of every potential client’s mind, Atlas also developed a proprietary dynamic watermarking technology that ensures that all content viewed online remains secure.

“Security has always been paramount to us at Atlas. As well as inviting only targeted vetted audience members, developing our own watermarking system that burns a viewer’s personal information into the film has proven to be well worth it. No film we’ve tested has ever been pirated as the result of a test screening.” said Atlas CTO, Scott DeSapio. has beta tested its service for over 12 months with leading content providers including Sierra / Affinity, Radar Films, Premiere Pictures, Muse Productions, and more.

Visit to learn more about the service.

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