ONE KEY to RULE them all – Simplicity meets Iconic Design

In line with Ovio Locks commitment to delivering innovative state of the art lock solutions, Ovio Locks is proud to present the Ovio Pairlocks – a first of its kind revolutionary solution to lock security.

Relying on its years of experience and creative genius, Ovio launched the prototype version of Pairlocks dubbed “My own locksmith” in 2014. This prototype earned Germany’s Red Rot Design in the same year. In a bid to improve on what most would consider perfection, Ovio Locks set out to test, refine and improve the concept of “My own locksmith” to feature higher security, simplified management, and optimal locking mechanism. Thus, the most intelligent locking innovation in the world, Pairlocks was born and launched in 2016.

The Ovio PairLocks was designed for the purpose of revolutionizing lock security while doing away with the inconvenience of carrying around a bunch of keys. So in place of having 10 different keys for your home, with Ovio Pairlocks, you could have one key that opens all 10 doors – each door with a different combination from the last!

For OVIO, the PairLock is not just any lock but more of a conception which integrate mechanics and work of art to increase convenience and maximize security, while exercising all of your locks aesthetic appeal with no functionality compromise. The design of the Pairlocks emphasizes high precision and visual refinement.

The elegance of the design coupled with the efficiency of the product is yet unmatched but Ovio Locks continually looks to improve its aesthetic appeal, efficiency, and functionality.

For years, the debate between traditional locks and smart locks has continued to spin around in circles. The Ovio Pairlocks harnesses the benefits of both the traditional and smart locks while doing away with their deficiencies to provide a lock that looks more graceful than the traditional locks and is more powerful than the digital locks.

This revolutionary design uses one key to unlock all locks using a blend of password functionality and standard key safety. So whether it is machinery, instrument, bank, warehouse, bike, office, toolbox, shop, jail, suitcase, etc, OVIO gives you the one key for all solutions.

For homeowners who have new tenants moving in and out yearly, the Pairlocks design saves you the hassle of changing locks for every time a tenant moves out. Simply recalibrate the combination and your new tenant gets the same lock with a different combination!

And if you happen to lose your keys, simply get another OVIO Pairlock and set the combination to your unique Pairlock-password and you’re in!

Ovio Locks is currently offering 13 rewards to our existing and prospective clients on our crowdfunding page.


With Ovio Pairlocks, Simplicity meets Iconic Design.

About OVIO

OVIO is an international company based mold design and design-oriented creative ID of the company, has accumulated More than 600 design cases, mainly in the main mold design, development to product design, combined with a wealth of experience in mold design, including the appearance of the ID design, mechanical design, model making, production agents, taking into consideration the market demand for products , manufacturing costs, product value, unique concept for enterprises to achieve possessed leading brand design.

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