Frostbeard Studio Unveils New Look

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 11/29/2017 — Exciting news book lovers! Makers of hand-crafted literary scented candles, Frostbeard Studio, has unveiled a fresh new look as well as many highly desired improvements to their wildly popular book themed candles and bookish merch. When crafting a new look for the company, Frostbeard knew that they wanted to keep certain design elements the same, while creating an identifiable image for book lovers to easily recognize. Adding books to the labels was a no-brainer for the team, who figured what better way to incorporate books into their labels than a section of a bookshelf? The idea was roughly based around co-founder Roxie’s tattoo which was designed by fellow co-founder, Tom, a few years ago. 

Among many other well-loved attributes, Frostbeard is known for the brightly colored wax used when creating their candles. With this new label, the company wanted to integrate the colors of the candles into the label design. With the new look, the books depicted on the label of each candle will now mirror the color of the wax used. For example, the light yellow Old Books candle (inspired by the discolored pages of ancient texts) now has a yellow and black label. Every candle color is chosen for a specific reason by Frostbeard’s dedicated team; orange for Bookstore because of the spines on Penguin Classics, Headmaster’s Office is the purple of wizard robes, you get the idea. Now the labels are completely unique to each of Frostbeard’s fragrances. 

Also included in the rebrand is the much-requested list of fragrances, which is now displayed right on the front of each candle. Instead of guessing what goes into the Oxford Library scent, shoppers can now see there are notes of sandalwood, oak, and leather by simply reading the label. Each scent has been chosen to help evoke different literary settings and sensations, such as Sherlock with his pipe tobacco. Listing the fragrances is doubly great for gift giving purposes since the recipient will no longer have to go to the Frostbeard website to find the scent description. 

To complete the new label design, Frostbeard opted to add a metal lid with their logo printed on top to each candle. The company wanted to bring the black from the label into the lid and switched to aluminum for several reasons. Firstly, the metal looks classy and less like a peanut butter jar (which they had been informed of due to well-natured customer feedback). The metal is also more durable and heat resistant, good for covering a candle after snuffing out the wick to contain soot. 

For those wondering why in the world the Frostbeard logo is an old beardy dude that has absolutely nothing to do with candles, here’s why. Frostbeard was founded in Minnesota. Roxie and Tom, co-founders, have a good friend who bikes to work year-round and lives in an area where the temperatures frequently drop below freezing, their friend often gets an amazing frostbeard in the subzero temps. Frostbeard co-founders Roxie and Tom wanted a brand name that was both inspiring and Minnesotan, and they found such a name in Frostbeard. Plus, it sounded super nerdy, a big plus. 

The last of the new surprises to the Frostbeard lineup is the addition of the new two and four ounce candles. These new smaller sizes are perfect for sampling the many different scents created by the company. Shopping for fragranced items over the internet is hard, so now shoppers can try out a smaller size of a new scent first. This new, smaller size also makes for great gifts. Can you say stocking stuffer? All Frostbeard scents will now be available in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz sizes as well as in tart form. 

Also importantly for international customers, these new smaller sizes are both cheaper to ship and more durable. Glass jars are heavy and fragile. Metal tins are significantly lighter and cheaper to ship overseas. In the near future, Frostbeard hopes to expand to be able to offer international wholesale to independent bookstores in the 4 oz size. 

These changes have been a long time in the making for Frostbeard, and they’re very excited to share them with their supporters and fans. 

Frostbeard Studio is located in Minneapolis, MN and has been hand-crafting book themed candles since 2011. With popular scents that include Headmaster’s Office and Oxford Library, the candle making, book-loving, team has crafted over 50 unique literary scents since their inception. 

If you would like more information about Frostbeard Studio and the candles they create, please contact Roxie Lubanovic at


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