Swiftmoney Website Updated with Easier and Simpler Navigation Being the Biggest Change

Swiftmoney, a UK based short term loan provider, recently upgraded their website so that loan applicants can easily access the important pages of the website and apply for loans faster.

Swiftmoney, a short term loan provider from Lancashire, UK, recently upgraded their website to make it easier for the loan applicants to find the right options. The owners said that easier and simpler navigation is the biggest change a loan applicant would see on the website now. They said that the objective behind updating the website was to make it easier for the applicants of Swift Money with the team of credit evaluators.

“Day in and day out, we deal with a lot of people. Some have low credit score, while others have quite good credit score but need instant cash for some reason or the other. We have been receiving complaints from the visitors to the website that the site was not easy to navigate. Based on their feedback, we decided to give our website a facelift, with usability being at the heart of every change we brought”, said one of the members of the website development team of Swiftmoney.

Apart from updating the website, the developers have also added a hotline number so that the residents of Bolton can easily get in touch with their loan evaluation team. They maintained that the website has now become lighter and faster.

“The website is Norton secured and we have fixed a few bugs. It’s now faster and much easier to navigate than ever before. Also, we have added a blog section where our financial experts will regularly share their pro tips and advices with the hundreds and thousands of loan applicants who visit SwiftMoney website”, added the development team member.

The CEO and managing director of Swiftmoney.com seemed quite hopeful about the new changes brought to the website. “I would like to add that each and every member of the development team has done a wonderful job. This is what we were looking for precisely, an easy-to-navigate and sleek website that would make things simpler for the end users, instead of complicating it when they are in dire need of cash”, he told the press.

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Swift Money is a Lancashire, UK based lending agency.

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