MagicWood: The Superior Alternative to Antique Reclaimed Barn Wood

Urban Décor – Urban Décor’s high density, real-looking alternative is perfect for DIY Projects because it is easy to install and can be applied almost anywhere.

Urban Décor, a home remodeling company in Ontario, has announced its new barn wood alternative, called MagicWood, along with an accompanying Kickstarter campaign to support its development.


MagicWood is an incredible barn wood substitute made from a high-density material that is impervious to bugs such as termites, and it’s mold and water resistant.  It comes in two variants; a hard one with a wood-like feel, and a soft, almost leather-like version that can be used on curved surfaces. Each is available now in grey, and with the success of their crowdfunding campaign, will soon feature multiple distressed antique colors that reflect the look of real barn wood.

“This is a gorgeous-looking wood that comes in 5” x  3’ pieces and can be easily installed anywhere around the home or office for an instant vintage look,” said Jeff Lee, one of the lead developers behind MagicWood.

Consumers say it is incredibly easy to install. “There are no DIY nightmares here.  If you can peel and stick or operate a staple gun, then you’re fully qualified to install MagicWood anywhere you like for that reclaimed wood look without the hassle traditionally associated with it,” says one happy beta user.

MagicWood emerged as one of the owners of Urban Décor – also a real estate broker – took note of the popularity of reclaimed wood and barn wood often used in his hometown in retail and domestic real estate remodels.  After some thought, he quickly realized that real wood – particularly antique barn wood – was host to hidden issues such as termites, high cost, and worse.  MagicWood was born as a solution to this problem, giving people who want to jump on the reclaimed wood décor trend an easy-to-install, safe and sanitary solution that looks just like the real thing.

More information, including how to order MagicWood and donate to the crowdfunding project, is available at the MagicWood Kickstarter page.  For media inquiries, please contact Jeff Lee via email at


About Urban Décor

Urban Décor is the home remodeler behind MagicWood, a realistic-looking barn word alternative which doesn’t rust, attract bugs, or splinter over time. The attractive antique look of MagicWood lets homeowners quickly create talking-piece feature walls without the headaches associated with real barn wood. For more information, please visit Urban Décor’s website or Kickstarter.






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