The First Selenium-rich Industry Development Conference will Open Next Month – Let’s Explore the Path of “Selenium” in Jiangjin

On November 28, the Press Conference on “The First Selenium-rich Industry Development Conference in Jiangjin, Chongqing, China” was held at the Chongqing Press Conference Center. During the conference, we were informed that the Development Conference will be held on 8th, Dec and will be sponsored by the Chongqing Agriculture Committee & the People’s Government of Jiangjin District, and supported by the Technological Innovation Alliance of Chinese Selenium-rich Agricultural Industry. As “spokesman” of selenium-rich products, Jiangjin is expected to win another national brand at the conference – “Ecological Selenium City in China”, and at that time the gourmet will taste the selenium-rich agricultural products and other selenium-rich food

Attaching Importance to Industry Development will Win the Honorary Title of “Ecological Selenium City in China”

In 2012, Jiangjin was became the “Hometown of Longevity in China”, which is the only honored district in Chongqing, and the most evenly distributed district of centenarians given that it is the largest in terms of size & population in the nation. According to a survey conducted by Institute of Geochemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for more than one year, in addition to the factors of a habitable environment, peace of mind and good habits etc, the longevity password of Jinjiang is closely related to the trace elements- selenium, which is rich in its soil and food. The selenium level in this district accounts for 90.21% of the soil, and the agricultural products produced in the whole district are mostly rich in selenium. These products have a moderate amount of selenium, which can be used to replenish the selenium needed for human health without causing selenium poisoning.

Yang Yongfang, the Deputy District Chief of the People’s Government of Jiangjin, said that, with the gilded signboard of the “Ecological Selenium City in China”, Jiangjin will continue creating regional public brands centering on the selenium-rich industry, developing eight industrial brands and as a result, lead thousands of operators to establish their own brands in the district. Meanwhile, Jiangjin will have to standardize management and strengthen the inspection certification of the selenium-rich agricultural products in the link of production, so as to embody the value of selenium-rich in product results.

Buy Safe “Selenium” to Publish the Chongqing Local Standard on Selenium-Rich Agricultural Products

The development of the selenium-rich industry has also opened the path of “selenium” for Jiangjin farmers. According to the introduction of Tan Qing, the added value and effect of selenium-rich agricultural products are obvious. The price of selenium-rich rice (“Shima selenium”)in Jiangjin was up to $150 / kg, and the price of selenium-rich native eggs (“Sheep Hill”) was up to 5 Yuan / unit. Both were well accepted by the market. In order to help citizens to buy qualified selenium-rich products and standardize farmers’ planting specification, the National Standardization Management Committee or Chongqing Bureau of Quality Supervision will officially release Chongqing Local Standard DB50 / T 705-2016 on Selenium-rich Agricultural Products (hereinafter referred to as the Standard) at the Selenium-rich Industry Development Conference on 8th, Sep.

In the future, the selenium-rich agricultural products planted or grown in Chongqing area shall be strictly followed up according to the Standard, and those labeled “selenium-rich agricultural products” shall clearly mark the selenium content in the conspicuous place of the packaging; where the selenium content does not reach the standard, it shall not be labelled as “selenium-rich agricultural product”.

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