Weiss AG Launches A New Major Release Of VAM2, the #1 Visual Asset Management Database Application Initially Developed for Shell USA

Since every serious company utilizes DAM (digital asset management) systems to archive and distribute their photos and videos, VAM (Visual Asset Management) is a much more intuitive and universal tool for documenting, organizing and sharing multimedia and 3D content including their localization.

Kaiserslautern, Germany (Cybermonday, November 29th 2017) – In 2010 the Weiss AG, a stock company in Germany, was approached by Shell USA to develop a database application for Visual Asset Management (VAM). Basically the application should allow to visually link every digital file one to each other via hotspots and should only require a standard internet browser to access.

The application, known as VAM2 is constantly improved based on the feedback from sophisticated tests and many different commercial projects. Hence VAM2 is quickly gaining importance in various markets and today Weiss AG launched a new major release of their superior application.

VAM2 now supports all existing file formats without exclusion and can directly display 60 different document formats, 3D point clouds, 3D models, audio files, 80 varied still photo formats, 120 video formats including 360° video and offers 360° photogrammetry. In other words, the application can link everything to everything like a CAD plan to a 3600 image connected to a report or an excel sheet with test charts, connected to the user manual or instruction video etc. User with access rights can create, visually navigate and share this content with any device like IPhone, Tablet, PC, Mac, Smartphone.

Furthermore, the application also supports taking measurements in 3D point clouds and photos directly in the browser. All file formats are organized on one single platform under one single Graphic User Interface that can be run either on a server in the intranet, locally or even as a cloud installation.

The latest release of VAM2 by Weiss AG has brand new viewer technologies for lightning fast operation and full touch-support for all devices, all platforms and all file formats.

Inside Shell the combination of Weiss AG 360° camera technology and VAM2 database is used with the acronym 3600 photogrammetry as a more comfortable and more intuitive and much quicker and more affordable documentation method compared to classical laser scanning.

The company has major users from different industries like gas and oil, museum, archaeology, training applications, safety security planning, police forces and turn around management. Many other domains are benefiting from this tool offered by Weiss AG.

The company says “To our knowledge VAM2 is the only solution on the market that only needs an internet browser and supports all file formats, platforms and devices”. The sophisticated user right management permits the users to work in large teams from around the world. More importantly, they can work on the same projects with varied viewing and editing rights.

Weiss AG offers a free 14-day trial access to their Cloud installations. For short ping times they operate several test server around the world.

About Weiss AG:

Weiss AG develops, manufactures and distributes 360° and 3D capturing hardware and database applications. Their largest projects are in China, where teams travel across the country collecting data for “the old city project”. So far more than 300 locations were documented with 360° and 3D capturing technologies and distributed via a VAM2 installation on the Alibaba cloud. Other clients are laser scanner service provider, well known gas and oil companies, police forces, museums, as well as turnaround manager and facility manager. At present clients in 14 countries boost their work and business with technologies from Weiss AG.

For more information, please visit www.weiss-ag.com

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