The Authentic You Life; The Ultimate Self-Care Life Now On Patreon

Todd Vandegrift, Life Coach/Director of The Authentic You Life
The Authentic You Life is a program, a lifestyle, and high-energy concept from respected life coach Todd Vandegrift. The program has now re-launched through Patreon to develop a more community-based coaching and mentoring platform for people wanting to embrace self-care.

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

(New Orleans, LA) In spite of all the technology and tools to make life easier, modern life is extremely stressful and even unhealthy for a great many people.  Only one in three Americans consider himself or herself “happy”, according to the Harris Poll Happiness Index with 2016 being an “all time low” for happiness. Reasons for malaise include a feeling of hopelessness about the world, lack of free time, and a general “treadmill” existence. Sought-after life coach and director of The Authentic You Life, Todd Vandegrift believes that what people are missing is the belief and intention to live authentically. He wants to change that with his new Patreon community, The Authentic You Life.

“The Authentic You Life is a model of self-care that challenges people to make their words and actions congruent,” says Vandegrift.  “No one is happy saying one thing and doing another; no one feels content living a life that someone else planned for him. I’m challenging people to act upon their desires for themselves and the world because that truly is the key to happiness.”

Vandegrift explains that his journey towards self-actualization began like that for many others. He hit a rock bottom with drugs, alcohol, and poverty that drove him to crawl, walk, and then run his way back up the hill of life. That rock bottom was the end result of a fifteen year period of working overtime at his career in sales. He claims that his ambition drove him towards making money, but the lifestyle didn’t make him happy like he thought it would. Soon he began to drift into drugs and alcohol, which of course led to other unintended consequences such as losing his property and living in a “roach infested RV” in Mississippi. After trying the drug rehab route he found that he still wasn’t happy, that he still didn’t know how to fix what was wrong inside.

“There was no one out there talking about the stuff I’m talking about now in the mainstream rehabilitation and self-care world,” he explains. “It was considered too ‘New Age’ and just not a topic that most caregivers wanted to touch. Now, it’s a little different. People are beginning to understand the science behind why so many of us have these feelings of anxiety and the link between intention and emotion.”

Happiness, according to Vandegrift, is intrinsically linked to a holistic application of physical, mental, and spiritual pursuits in synthesis. The launch of his Patreon community is his way of developing a continuum of care that will address all aspects of human existence and needs. It will encourage people to not only exercise their mind and body while also exercising their humanity by interacting positively with others.  His approach to coaching is to deliver the message that only by meeting both physical and emotional needs, humans can develop individually and as a society. His Patreon will be a place where people can go to watch videos that inspire positive affirmations and emotional change, but also interact with others who are struggling to find purpose and peace.

“I have worked individually with people for many years now, to help them develop their authentic self,” says Vandegrift. “Patreon enables me to reach out to new people that cannot utilize one-on-one coaching and still need care. It is an amazing way to reach people across geographical boundaries and develop the types of meaningful relationships we all require, as human beings to be happy.”

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