Tuniu Participates in Hainan’s Second International Lingshui Youth Festival

On November 24, 2017, the widely popular “Aloha Night Pool Party” kicked off the second Hainan International Lingshui Youth Festival. Over 500 participants from all over the world gathered for the pool party that lasted for more than two hours. A number of fun and exciting games warmed up the crowd, giving the festival a perfect start.

(Huya live streams during the pool party—The exclusive authorized online live broadcast platform)
The second Lingshui International Youth Festival was hosted by Hainan Tourism Development Commission, Hainan Culture and Sports Bureau and Government of Li Autonomous Region. Tuniu.com and Hainan Kangtai Tourism co., LTD. jointly co-hosted the event. “GO HIGH! GO YOUNG! Pearl coast, beautiful Lingshui” was the theme of the festival, which lasted for three days. In addition to the three main events, “Aloha Night Pool Party”, “Color Run”, and “Beach Carnival”, other events such as “Coconut Water Festival” and “Monkey Island Adventure” also attracted many. Participating in the event were 1,200 international youth from over 60 countries and regions.

(Youth from around the world joined the opening ceremony of the festival)

The “Color Run” and the opening ceremony of the festival on November 25th were the two main attractions of the event. At the opening ceremony, the Deputy Director of Hainan Tourism Development Commission in charge of promotional activities for Taiwan and Hong Kong, Mr. Fenghua Fu said, “Last year, we were able to successfully host the first international youth carnival in Hainan Island (Lingshui) through joint efforts. The first event attracted attendees from more than 40 countries, with thousands of youth from around the world joining us here for the event. We used social media to spread the beauties of Hainan Island. We believe this event holds an important role in promoting Lingshui and tourism to Hainan. In the future, we will continue to develop tourism for the Hainan region to open up tourism for the international scene by attracting more international visitors to Hainan. By doing this, we aim to bring benefits to the ecology, society, and economy. In addition, we would like the world recognize the true glamour of Hainan.”

“Tourism and culture complement one another. And Lingshui, with its unique cultural landscape and natural scenery, is starting to attract attention from all of the world. The second international youth festival (Lingshui) offers a chance for youth from all over the world to communicate with each other. This festival reflects the exchange and mix of different cultures, and helps Lingshui attracts more and more international tourists. I hope the youth could fully enjoy the festival at Lingshui and share with the world its beauty and culture.” said Mr. Fenghua Liang, deputy researcher of the general sports department from the Hainan Cultural Radio and Television Press.

“Lingshui is now opening up to embrace the outside world. We firmly believe that with the help of all major sectors combined with the collective effort from the masses, Lingshui will surely succeed in creating an environment perfect for the gathering of youth from all over the world.” said Mr. Qingqiang Lai, Governor of the Lingshui Li County.

Mr. Faisai Mohamed, Maldives ambassador to China, said, “The warm sunlight from Lingshui greatly resembles that of my home. Similar to Lingshui, Maldives has four seasons of summer. In this important and amazing festival, I hope all the people here can build new friendships and make the world a better place.

Rose, an international tourist from the United States, said, “I was envious of my friends who participated in the first festival. After attending this festival, I will definitely recommend Hainan to friends and family through social media. I will also promote Lingshui so that more people can come to visit.”

After the opening ceremony of the festival, the “Color Run”, which is a highly popular, interactive and fun event, kicked off in the Lingshui clear water bay tourist resort. The whole run consists of vibrantly colored starting point, color stations and finishing line. Runners were splashed with different colors and paints. Thousands of Chinese and foreign youth participated in this six kilometer run.

(Pictures of the color run)
During the water festival, people of the Li ethnicity expressed their warm welcome to the international tourists through their customary tradition of soaking one another with water. The “International Electric Music Party” erupted the crowd. The beats from the DJ attracted the people onto the dance floor. Everyone passionately danced to the rhythm of the DJ.

(Water festival and International Electric Music Party)

Monkey Island Adventure, the last event of the festival, was held on November 26. The South Bay Monkey Islands is the world’s only tropical island reserve for rhesus monkey. International tourists experienced first-hand the “harmony between humans and monkeys”.

(Monkey Island)

Mr. Shubai Wang, Vice President of Tuniu.com, said, “With the completion of the largely successful 2nd international youth festival, Hainan Lingshui has once again displayed to the world its unique characteristics by showing off a different and lesser-known side of Hainan. To help Lingshui distinguish itself as an ideal destination for the youths from around the world, and promote international tourism to Hainan, Tuniu.com will cooperate with Hainan on a strategic level in order to help Hainan further refine its unique brand image. In the future, Tuniu will let more visitors experience the vitality of the new Hainan and the new Lingshui by hosting more local activities. Furthermore, we will constantly develop innovative products and dedicate more efforts to the promotion of new tourist routes for Hainan and Lingshui, which also means more high-quality travel products for our tourists.”


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