Rational Combi Oven Hot Commodity in Commercial Catering Equipment

GM Supplies Commercial Catering Equipment Sales Heating Up

GM Supplies Catering Equipment, a United Kingdom based restaurant and catering equipment supply company, has announced that Rational Combi oven sales are soaring.  The popularity of the intelligent cooking system continues to rise with no end in sight.  The Rational Combi oven is a favorite in restaurant and catering equipment.

“We are amazed at the flood of sales that continue to come in for the Rational Combi oven,” stated a GM Supplies Catering Equipment representative.  “The oven is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that is quite the rage in restaurant and catering equipment.  We at GM Supplies Catering Equipment are one of the top places to get the product because we offer high-quality items, such as the Rational Combi, at very reasonable prices.  Our customer service is second to none as well.”

The Rational Combi oven is a German product that is hailed for practically cooking on its own, automatically.  It requires minimal human assistance.  Since it was founded, the company has gone from having 18 employees to 1,713 worldwide.

In addition to selling the Rational Combi oven, GM Supplies Catering Equipment offers a long list of restaurant and catering equipment and services like cooking equipment, refrigeration and ice, food service and display, ware-washing, beverage, laundry, sink, shelves and tables and other essentials needed in the food industry. 

The restaurant and catering equipment can be purchased or leased. Sundries brochures and catalogues are available upon request from GM Supplies Catering Equipment and a mailing list is also set up for those who wish to receive special offers.

 GM Supplies has a price match guarantee and customer service is provided online.  Free delivery is available for those who spend £50 and above.  The company takes pride in offering high quality after-sales care.  The staff is noted for being experienced and friendly.

Public sector accounts are available at GM Supplies Catering Equipment so school, universities and other such entities can take advantage of perks such as 30 days credit and having a dedicated account manager. 

“I am delighted with my new Rational Combi oven,” reviewed a recent GM Supplies Catering Equipment customer.  “I purchased it through GM Supplies Catering Equipment and got top-notch customer service and an awesome product.  I couldn’t be more pleased with both.”

To find out more aboutGM Supplies Catering Equipment or to order a Rational Combi oven through them, visit the company website at https://gmsuppliesltd.co.uk/.

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