Kuntai Machinery Announces CNC Travel Head Nesting Cutting Machine For Cutting A Range Of Non-Mental Rolled Materials

The Nesting Cutting Machine can have wide applications in automotive interiors, footwear, leather goods, soft toys and other industries.

For different industrial applications, Kuntai Machinery keeps introducing advanced cutting machines for precise cutting of different materials. For industries where an accurate cutting of non-metal rolled materials is very important, the company has introduced its Nesting Cutting Machine, used for cutting different materials, such as plastic, rubber, foam, sponge, abrasive paper, textile and others.

According to the spokesperson of the company, this CNC travel head machine is suitable for cutting single layer or multiple layers of materials with ease and efficiency. Fitted with the servo motor, the machine allows an accurate feeding of materials for proper cutting. It also controls the horizontal movement and the rotational speed of the cutting head to allow a precise cutting of the material. The machine allows the sliding feed table for cutting multiple layers of a material. The spokesperson maintains that other feeding methods are also possible, if a client request for them.

Kuntai Machinery Announces CNC Travel Head Nesting Cutting Machine For Cutting A Range Of Non-Mental Rolled Materials

Besides this nesting machine, the company is also offering the EPDM cutting machine that is remarkable for its continuous cutting of nonmetals. With its automatic lubrication system, the machine is capable of running for hours without a rest, offering large outputs on a daily basis. The machine’s die cutting head can operate in different modes, such as manual, automatic and inching. The machine allows an accurate feeding of multilayer materials for adjusting the layering length. The spokesperson reveals that the machine is very efficient to increase the output and decrease the labor intensity in any industrial setup.

Kuntai Machinery enjoys a good reputation in supplying the automotive interior cutting machine that can be used for cutting leather, rubber, foam, sponge, sheets and other materials that are used in automotive interiors. The machine with a special hydraulic system does not make much noise and keeps cutting single or multiple layers of materials with continuous operations. With high automation, the machine improves the production output by several times and is profitable enough to find its applications in the car interior industry. One can learn more about the nesting cutting, EPDM or car interior cutting machines by visiting the website http://www.kuntai-group.com.

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