\’Superbugs Can be Controlled by \’Clean\’ Cleaning Practices\’

“Superbug outbreaks like the the Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus infection detected in 10 newborn babies in the Monash Childrens Hospital in Melbourne can be controlled by \’Clean\’ cleaning practices.”
Nicholas Pastras, a Cleaning Co. CEO with 22 Years experience in the Cleaning industry in Australia, said that Superbug outbreaks like the the Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus infection detected in 10 newborn babies in the Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne Victoria last week, could be controlled by ‘Clean’ cleaning practices.

Melbourne, 30th November 2017

After the Monash Medical Centre confirmed a report that 10 babies that tested positive to the superbug VRE, or Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus last week in Melbourne, Monash Medical Centers chief health Officer professor Irwin Loh confirmed that the Hospital was working with the Victorian Health Department “to do all they could to contain the spread of the superbug.”

Active surveillance cultures, patient isolation, contact precautions & enhanced environment cleaning are all control methods that have been clinically proven to control the spread of the infection in the past.

The parents of Grace Andrewartha Phillip Jackson Jessica Andrewartha spoke to the media after the event and appeared on Chanel 7 News in Melbourne and when queried if they had any knowledge on how the disease had been contracted by the newborns, said that they had been told that the most likely cause of the infection was “contamination via surfaces within the hospital”.

Speaking about enhanced environmental cleaning practices, Smart Cleaning Solutions CEO Nicholas Pastras said, “these are the number one prevention of viral infections in hospitals and are commonly called ‘clean’ cleaning practices.  These practices follow strict guidelines that are published by all Health Departments in Australia for cleaning of areas where people are most vulnerable to infections, which includes hospitals and aged care facilities” he said.

“The principles and practices required to do ‘clean cleans’ are well known so there should be no excuse for an outbreak, however one big problems facing the industry is the unrealistic and inadequate budgets allocated by government to public institutions where ‘clean’ cleaning should be done, which are often not enough to ensure the standard of cleaning that’s required” said Pastras.

Fortunately all the parents affected by the recent outbreak in Melbourne have reason to hope for a good final outcome as a follow-up cohort study undertaken to document clearance of fecal vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium carriage in 19 infants colonized during a hospital outbreak in 2015 showed that 14-month later, all participants had returned terminal negative fecal specimens, supporting the hypothesis that carriage is transient in infants.

For further information on ‘clean’ cleaning procedures used in hospitals or aged care centers, contact Nicholas Pastras of Smart Cleaning Solutions

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