Add Flair To Your Rings With RingWraps, Texas’ Best Jewelers

Accessorizing is the best way for people to make a statement and to complete their look. While there are thousands of accessories to pick from, none of them comes close to the Original Ringwraps. The ringwraps have become part of the proud Texan tradition. If people’ve seen anyone wearing these Texan ring wraps, then they are most likely proud alumni found all over Texas.

What makes these customized diamond ringwraps unique? First, they extol the Texan traditions. Secondly, they are made using GIA Certified Diamonds, and they come with Great Warranty. The third and final reason why everyone loves the ringwraps is that they enhance the value and the looks of plain rings.

The diamond ring wrap makes an excellent wedding band an enhancer. For that reason, it is common with women’s wedding bands. While there are many three-stone and traditional style wedding band enhancers, ringwraps go beyond the norm by giving people the chance to customize their wedding band, gift or engagement ring.

The Customization process

To ensure that people get something unique that fully represents their personality and character, there are customized RingWraps from over 60 different schools. There are different designs of college rings and other custom rings. So, to have the customization of their choice, they’ll have to send RingWraps their ring for molding. The only exception to this is if they have an Aggie ring.

The customization process takes anywhere from three to five weeks, but the best part is that there are no additional fees for molding.

Stones used for customization

There are different stones used, but the most common ones are garnets, poppy topaz, diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. People will, however, have to take their pick depending on their budget – the poppy topaz stones and the garnets ringwraps are cheaper than diamonds, sapphires, and rubies wraps.

How to place an order

First, check out RingWraps’ Shop Page then select preferred style. People should also select the class size of the ring and the school name after which they’ll proceed to checkout. They should then fill out the custom order form and follow the shipping instructions on the form. Alternatively, they are provided with a prepaid, fully insured UPS shipping label if they request it.

About RingWraps

RingWraps is a jewelry store established to offer superior jewelry of uncompromised quality and according to clients’ needs. It was established in 2011 by Emily Huskinson Heath ’12 after she received her Aggie ring. The idea was inspired when attending her brother’s Aggie Ring Day Ceremony 2006. Her need to acquire a unique flair for the ring led to Dallas’ Lyles-DeGrazier Jewelry Co. who helped her customized her ring by bedazzling it with diamonds. Lyles-DeGrazier Jewelry Co. is currently RingWraps Manufacturer.  It is co-owned by Scott Polk 84, Lyles-DeGrazier Jewelry Co. president and her husband Ryne Heath ’11. For more information, kindly visit

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