interSector Talent, a New Talent Acquisition Service and Job Board, Supports Switching Sectors to Blend Mission with Money

(Longmont, CO, November 30, 2017) – Mission can be as important as money. Socially conscious enterprises are now attracting greater attention from professionals tired of the lure of financial gains at the expense of their deeper, purpose-driven instincts. To help people seeking to make a difference in their work, and support social sector employers seeking top talent, interSector Talent has launched a suite of services providing support to both job seekers and employers.

Corporate sector jobs may be lucrative financially, but either get boring, or quickly lose their sheen. The for-profit race, with its monetary incentives and scramble for market share, is now giving way to workers who want to switch sectors where they can give back, work with a social purpose, make an impact, follow their passion, or do work that makes a difference.

interSector Talent is a new resource  addressing the talent requirements of nonprofit organizations, private businesses, and social enterprises looking to hire professionals who want to bring their business acumen to bear on social issues. interSector Talent provides executive search to support nonprofits  and onboarding of for-profit sector employees. It is also among the most economical job boards at just $50 for 30-day postings.

While recruiters seek the ‘best’ or ‘right’ talent, most conventional resumes revolve around for-profit objectives such as creating value for the company, rather than showcasing what the candidates value the most. interSector Talent aims to change all this by creating awareness of sector switching and introducing qualified candidates to cross-sector opportunities.

“In a time where nonprofits are required to increase focus on their financial bottom lines and for-profits are becoming more socially responsible, there is an increasing need for talent that can work at the intersection of purpose and profits,” said Rick Zwetsch of interSector Talent.

interSector Talent aims to ensure that nonprofits and social enterprises do not miss out on finding candidates who specialize in meeting both business and mission bottom lines, even if they are sourced from the for-profit sector. For social enterprises today, this blend of experience has become a necessity.

Launched in Fall 2017, interSector Talent is a division of interSector Partners, L3C founded by Caryn Capriccioso and Rick Zwetsch. interSector Partners, L3C was formed in 2009, and over the years it has worked with over 100 non-profit organizations on issues such as strategic planning, board governance, , social enterprise development and executive search. It was the 39th socially purposed L3C in the US formally organized to pursue social purpose before profit.

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