Animiz Launches an Animation Presentation Tool for Windows

Animiz has released the launch of its animation presentation tool that allows users to create their own animated videos or GIFs on Windows devices.

Animiz is an innovative company that is concerned about setting the pace in the release of useful products for graphical use, and the company has also taken another breathtaking step with the release of an incredible animation presentation tool which is presently available for Windows users.

The name of the animation presentation tool is called; ‘Animiz,’ while the designer of the tool is Jerry Fong, and Jerry has consistently shown his desire to maximize his invaluable skills in the delivery of products that would have a great impact on the way businesses are carried out.

Animiz provides a huge benefit of enabling users to create videos and gifs for free, and the speed at which an animation can be created is also a great advantage of the Animiz software, as compared to other animation tools that are more complex and time consuming.

The animation presentation tool of Animiz is very easy to use, so it is actually great to find such a tool that requires no coding experience to create beautiful presentations. Animiz also has a great collection of sounds, images, charts and many other features that help to deliver the best result in a presentation design.

More so, popular online media such as PCWorld and CNET have made mention of the great benefit that Animiz provides a wonderful animation presentation tool.

For all those who are in need of the required tool to develop explainer videos and animated gifs for fun or a business purpose, Animiz is released to serve such a need, and the Animiz software is available for free download.

Get more information about this powerful animation presentation software that is available at the website of the company


About Animiz

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Animiz is a company specializing in developing animation presentation tools that allow users around the world to make animated videos or GIFs without hassle. 

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