Entrepreneur launches online platform that connects travelers on vacation with local chefs

Startup offers food lovers the opportunity to experience great local meals and foods at private dinners

Hong Kong: Traveling can be fun, adventurous, exciting, and eye-opening. Some people travel for sightseeing, cultural diversity experience, and to see new peoples and lands. What if there is a better way to immerse in a unique culture through exclusive cuisine. TravoAsia, a company that promotes and values home cook food and meal, is proud to announce their new startup. The platform provides an opportunity for travelers on vacation to directly connect with local home chefs and book for private dining. Travelers using the platform can browse through categories of different cuisine, search for verified chefs, and order for an exclusive meal.

Visit the website http://www.travoasia.com for a quick sign up. The mobile app is also available for download on Google Play and Apple Store.

“I travel a lot for work and most of the time I tried to immerse myself as deep as possible into other cultures, especially in the area of cuisine. During my travels, I found out that the real secret to local foods and meals lies with the chefs as against consuming food in a factory-style restaurant. I want other people to experience what I have experienced in different parts of the world, which is why I have created TravoAsia. It is a place for travelers who love food and chefs who love to make and serve great food meet,” said Founder, Stephen Leung.

Sign up and find the right chef

Setting up an account on TravoAsia is the first step to entering this paradise of exclusive cuisine delivered by the masters of their trade. Users can sign up using their email, either on the website or after downloading the mobile app. The platform currently has about ten categories of cuisine options including Japanese, Western, Asian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern. Users can also search for seafood, Fusion, personal chef, and Vegan, depending on their desires. Each category on the listing offers a selection of verified chefs, where users can read their profiles, check reviews and ratings, check availability, and view beautiful photo gallery of food creations.

Browse home cook meals

The platform also allows users to browse home meals, select foods, and book from their store of specialized cuisine. The details of the meals, including the menu features, main course, desserts, etc. are explicitly presented, to make sure travelers have a complete idea of what they are ordering. Users can request for meals for 1 to 4 people for their group private dining.

Convenient and first class service delivery

TravoAsia is a platform that takes pride in ensuring convenience and first class delivery. Travelers can book for a reserved table – where they and their group get served, or a shared table – which is open to everyone. All payments are handled through a secure payment system that accepts PayPal or direct bank transfer (available for Hong Kong district only). The host’s address and contact number are sent once payment is confirmed. Users can order for customized menu and specialized dishes by contacting the TravoAsia support team. 

About TravoAsia
TravoAsia in an online platform that connects travelers on vacation with local chefs, to experience home cook meals. They offer a collection of sumptuous meal options for lovers of food, prepared by some of the best chefs around the world and offered at private dining. For more information, please contact 852 90963636, stephen@travoasia.com, or visit their website www.travoasia.com.  

Media Contact
Company Name: Travoasia
Contact Person: Stephen Leung
Email: stephen@travoasia.com
Phone: 852 90963636
Country: HongKong
Website: www.travoasia.com