Indiegogo Campaign Launches for New Book “Order to Die: Feldmarshal”

The fantastic novel created by a young Ukrainian dreamer. Feldmarshal novel will allow you to be at the source of the most protracted military and political conflict in the history of the Order to Die universe. The novel will acquaint you with the cause of the beginning of the war between the Tarkan Empire and Anit Theocracy. It will tell you about the nature of the creatures origin, and about the fall of the Empire Mainstay — the planet Bastion.

Meet New Living Exciting World

In addition to the fascinating adventures and stunning battles in Feldmarshal you are waiting for:

•  Introduction to the device of the Tarkan Empire;
•  Analysis of the Anit hierarchy;
•  The fascinating stories of the heroes past of the novel;
•  Disclosure of the Civil War causes;
•  Causes and history of the creatures celebration.

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Drama, Novel, Military.

The Order to Die universe is so fascinating. Already, on it written stories and a novel in Russian and Ukrainian. We decided not to stop there and to acquaint the English-speaking audience with “Feldmarshal” — part of the Order to Die universe. The distinctive feature of the world is a detailed centuries-old history and a rich lor.

For all the complexity of the world, books are easy to read. I wanted to emphasize that the universe is not limited only to literature. Now we are working on creating a knowledge base and an interactive map of the Order to Die universe. And in the near future the creation of a series of comic books. The new universe has already captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of fans of fantasy, action and massive battles. And lovers of learning the universe “lor” have already begun to explore the culture, laws and mechanics of Order to Die. And that is not all! I wish that any fan of the universe could affect the life of the world. You ask how?

Just imagine, in a few years playing a computer or board game you will put an end to the battle for the planet and it will receive the faction that you play.

Remember, I always welcome new ideas and suggestions. For more information, please visit the Indiegogo page here or contact the creator below. 

Trailer for Indiegogo:

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Company Name: Order to Die Indiegogo
Contact Person: Hlynskyi Vladyslav
Country: Ukraine