The Gourmet Ghee Company Launches Indian ‘Ghee’ or Clarified Butter in Seven New Flavors, Introduces Natural Facial Scrubs

Lynbrook, New York, November 30, 2017  –  Spices are not the only ingredients that make Indian food acquire its unique, mouth watering taste. Another secret element that is not so visible is the special Indian clarified butter, called ‘ghee’ that is used across the subcontinent. The Gourmet Ghee Company now brings this special gift in seven exotic flavors in the New Year, along with an extended facial and beauty line that incorporates the health properties of ghee.

Ghee is clarified butter that has been strained of all milk fat. As a healthy way of consuming butter, ghee imparts its unique flavor to Indian recipes, and also carries endless health and beauty benefits if used aged and cooked the right way. Ghee is also free from lactose and casein and thus can be consumed universally. Among its uses, ghee can be used to alleviate indigestion or used a topical to keep the skin soft and smooth. The product is shelf stable, and takes on more anti-oxidant properties and vitamin enrichment with age.

The Gourmet Ghee Company has innovated on the traditional ghee, and is bringing out seven new flavors that make it more tasty: saffron and honey, medjool date, classic, edible silver, edible gold, black truffle, and rose. The facial scrubs are known as “Gommage Ghee” and come in three varieties: Honey Body scrub, Medjoool Date & Sugar Face scrub, and Rose and Pink sea salt body and facial scrub.

The company’s facial and beauty products such as the scrub line are made of clarified butter and natural ingredients. The butter used for making ghee is imported from French dairy farms, where only pasture raised milk is produced.

“Leave the straining to us. Let us clarify the benefits… because ghee is always clarified and strained,” says a company spokesperson.

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