GameCrew Creative Lab finalizes plans to launch two Virtual Reality software solutions

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South Korean VR technology company, GameCrew Creative Lab, takes final steps to launch two Virtual Reality software solutions – GREW AutoFocus and MOSKIT by the end of 2017 for better focus and depth perception

GameCrew Creative Lab is a startup VR technology company in South Korea and has announced its plans to launch two software solutions for virtual reality by the end of the year. According to sources, Grew Creative Lab is in the final stages of launching two software solutions for VR. The GREW AutoFocus and MOSKIT are designed to provide better focus and depth perception while ensuring better analysis of VR content’s motion sickness.

Virtual reality has shot into prominence, and several companies have been coming out with different solutions to ensure better user experience. The advent of virtual reality has come with several benefits especially for businesses and even individuals. While virtual reality is synonymous with several features and benefits, software developers still have lots to do regarding enhancing user experience. One company that is poised for making the user experience more effective is GameCrew Creative Lab.

The South Korean company offers a couple of VR products and solutions, thanks to the commitment of the team to research and development. The company also ensures compliance with industry-wide standards while addressing the needs of clients and technology demand. Some of the products currently offered by Grew Creative Lab include Motion Sickness Evaluation Kit for VR, VR Disaster Trainer (VR Rescue Sim), and VR Fatigue Reduction S/W.

The release of the software solutions is part of the company’s plans to get more from virtual reality and allow users to get more from the technology by enhancing the graphics quality of the content that users perceive. Consequently, a better focus and depth perception is provided for users.

“VR industry seems to slow down as of late, but I am certain GREW’s two products can be one of the boosters for VR industry,” said Sangho Lee, GREW’s lead researcher. “Our solutions can analyze and pinpoint what is causing motion sickness for any VR content and also enhances content’s graphics quality that user perceives by providing better focus & depth perception as in natural view. Ultimately, our goal is to help users enjoy VR contents without getting motion sickness or eye fatigue.”

Both software solutions are simple VR tools that can be easily implemented by developers on their projects. MOSKIT and GREW AutoFocus currently support all platforms using Unity. The solutions also support other engines such as Unreal and Crytek.

GameCrew has also announced that VR videos will be available in the 1st quarter of 2018, with the GREW AutoFocus is available at Unity Asset store, while MOSKIT is available upon request by emailing

About GameCrew Creative Lab

GameCrew Creative Lab is an IT startup headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Founded in 2015, the company aims to expand the VR community, allowing everyone and anyone across the globe to access the technological revolution by providing creative VR solutions.

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