Family With 8 Kids Launches Health Products Business To Help Pay For Lyme Disease Treatment

A tragic story turned into an inspiring one, and the victim family is now helping sufferers from around the world

Liberty, KY, USA – November 30, 2017: An inspirational family from Liberty, Kentucky has launched health products to serve the community while raising money to pay for the Lyme disease treatment for their son. Nathan and Amy Sizemore are homeschooling parents to eight children, and they are helping Lyme disease sufferers from around the world like never before. Modern Life Detox is the name of their business, and they are welcoming everyone to assist them in raising money for the treatment of their kids.

“Our family just kept getting sicker and sicker, one by one. We knew we had to find quality health care if we were going to get through this. But that costs a LOT of money.” said Amy Sizemore, mother of Matthew and Co-Founder of Modern Life Detox, while talking about her family’s situation.

She further said: “Our family-owned business seeks to offer high-quality products for health conscious individuals as well as those recovering from chronic illness.” Amy has a degree in graphic design and a love of business and marketing while Nathan holds a degree in accounting and a passion for aeronautics.


Their tragic story, which has now turned into an inspiring one began in 2009 when Matthew Sizemore, who is now 18, fell ill with many confusing and troubling symptoms. He had chronic fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite, no weight gain or height gain, fevers on and off, and many other issues. Followed by Matthew, one by one all of their children got sick and then even Amy got ill as well. This was when she figured out using the internet that Lyme disease and other tick-borne co-infections are the cause of her family’s troubles.

More than $1200 was required to start the treatment of each child, and the couple decided to co-find Modern Life Detox. The company serves chronic illness sufferers and creates health products such as Blue Light Blocking Glasses that are now available in stock on Amazon and are helping people from around the world. Moreover, the couple has an in-depth knowledge of detoxification products, and these products are getting phenomenal reviews and feedback from users worldwide.

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