Lauded War of the Worlds the True Story Set In Victorian Britain Sweeps Amazon Prime

“The Martian fighting machine from War of the Worlds the True Story, conquering Amazon Prime!”
Period Victorian-era War of the Worlds the True Story is now on Amazon Prime!

“The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one,” once exclaimed astronomer Ogilvy in HG Wells novel, The War of the Worlds. Now almost 120 years after the release of H. G. Wells’ classic sci-fi novel, War Of The Worlds the True Story, is now on Amazon Prime.

Critic Gary Goldstein of the Los Angeles Times said, “’War of the Worlds The True Story is clever like Wells. Hugely inventive and ambitious, a mock sci-fi docudrama packed with a truly impressive — and clever — mix of editing (a reported 3 1/2 years’ worth), special effects, visual artistry and offbeat storytelling.”

Ain’t It Cool News critic Ambush Bug raved, “The best film I had the privilege of seeing this week was WAR OF THE WORLDS: THE TRUE STORY.” With glowing praise, he went on to say things such as, “Even the sci-fi effects feel authentic with all of the shaky and grainy camerawork. I especially loved watching the attacks of both the aliens and the giant machines…Everything is treated with a serious and dire tone and there’s even a touching love story in the middle of it all as well to add an extra bit of depth that, coming from the narrator’s POV, will definitely make your heart swell.”

Ain’t It Cool News critic went on th say, “WAR OF THE WORLDS: THE TRUE STORY is one of the coolest little films I’ve come across in quite a while. As if the Orson Welles radio broadcast wasn’t mythic enough, along comes this mock-doc to add a whole new layer of intrigue to H.G. Wells’ fascinating story. Highly recommended to those who love revisionist history, alien invasion films, and thrilling real life documentaries.”

Frank Scheck, critic of The Hollywood Reporter called the movie, “Impressive for its technical achievements…Director/Editor Hines weaves the various styles of footage together in expert fashion.”

The movie uniquely uses Cutting Edge Visual Effects to blend a modern cast with Battalions of Actual Fighting Soldiers, Golden Age Movie Stars, and previously undisclosed images of Tentacled Alien Creatures and their 10-Story High, 3-Legged Fighting Machines.

War of the Worlds the True story can be watched in the US now on Amazon here:

The DVD in all region code is now available in the UK and EU world wide here:

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