The Real Clean is Offered by Nancy’s Maid

Santa Barbara, California – November 30th, 2017: Just in time for the holiday season when people are getting their homes together to welcome family and friends and they need extra help to keep things on track, comes Nancy’s Maid, a new house cleaning company serving Santa Barbara and surrounding areas.  They offer a range of cleaning services for your entire home including kitchen, bathroom, basements, bedroom etc.

With Nancy’s you’re offered several options of cleaning including a standard cleaning service, deep cleaning and even moving day clean up. The standard home cleaning services are for a small clean service that may be utilized once a week that includes clearing of cobwebs, dusting of shelves, general tidying such as making the beds, sweeping and mopping etc. For the deep cleaning services it includes all floors in the home are dusted and vacuumed as well as blinds, outside of refrigerator, baseboard wall, bathrooms etc. 

Understandably presenting the most detailed cleaning services is the moving in/out services. Whether you are moving out of your old home or moving into your new home Nancy’s Maid services will clean all areas, corners and crevices of the home. Mopping of all exposed floors, vacuuming of furniture, carpets, wiping down all furniture and appliances etc. 

The service offered is top quality and delivered at the most affordable cost.

For detailed information on all their offerings you may visit their website at or email

Media Contact
Company Name: Santa Barbara House Cleaning Service
Contact Person: Dulce Silva Salgado
Address:836 Anacapa St, P.O. 22545, Santa Barbara, CA 93102
Country: United States