Kleverness Incorporated Launches Campaign on Kickstarter for Funding Kleverness, The World’s Smartest Lighting System

Kleverness Incorporated introduces Kleverness, the world’s smartest lighting system and taps Kickstarter platform for fundraising.

Kleverness Inc., the company that’s aiming to make homes smart with their innovative lighting system, has announced that they have launched a campaign on Kickstarter. The aim is to fund their Kleverness project, the world’s smartest lighting system. Kleverness is a great way to automate home lighting and control everything remotely without carrying out any modifications or using special bulbs.

“We are happy to announce that we have started raising funds on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform for our Kleverness project,” says the spokesperson for Kleverness Inc. “If you have plans to use smart lighting in your home, then Kleverness is your best choice. You can control your home’s lighting from anywhere without making any modifications. When you use our product, you save money from controlled energy consumption and also because there is no need to rewire your home.”

Kleverness is clearly the next generation smart lighting that can help people achieve their home lighting automation goals. Of course, there is a whole wide range of smart switches and dimmers available on the market but they do really make a big difference. Besides, they are all prohibitively expensive.

Kleverness Inc. is a company comprising of 17 highly qualified individuals led by founders and entrepreneurs Dan Nurko and Alex Fraind. They are passionate about technology and innovation and have led the team admirably to create what is easily the smartest lighting system in the world. In a limited time period of two years, they have come a long way with the project already reaching the production stage.

The company has researched the market extensively by looking at every smart switch and dimmer available on the market. Their team of experts have evaluated them closely and made sure that their innovative and technologically advanced products covered more than just the basics. Also, they are guaranteed to perform better overall at a lower price.

Kleverness lighting system is truly smart and offers multiple advantages when compared to conventional lighting systems. The system requires no modifications or any use of any special bulbs. Users can monitor their energy consumption and save money smartly. Most importantly, this system can help users contribute their bit to saving the environment.

Kleverness is designed for easy DIY installation. Users can control up to three switches with each switch. There will be no dead spots with Kleverness. There is a smart vacation mode for planning their lighting schedule. Families can even set up lighting routines for specific dates and times. The lighting can be controlled smartly via smartphones, wearables, desktops, tablets, laptops and other devices without any Wi-Fi connection. Kleverness is a simple yet smart way of transforming an entire home into a Klever home within minutes.

The Kickstarter campaign by Kleverness is aiming to raise $50,000 for funding the project. The deadline for meeting the funding goal is December 17, 2017.

About Kleverness Lighting System:

Kleverness is the world’s smartest lighting system developed and designed by Kleverness Inc. The founders, Dan Nurko and Alex Fraind have a flair for smart technology and innovation. Kleverness can transform the lighting systems of homes quickly and affordably without having to carry out any modifications or using special bulbs.


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