New product! RAYPIA launched RADICA-V handheld X-ray for animals

Recently, One of the fastest growing portable X-ray for dental diagnosis tools manufacturer for humans and animals, RAYPIA proudly announced the launch of their RADICA-V handheld X-ray specially designed for animals. Animals can’t talk even if they are suffering from dental disease. Unfortunately, most dental diseases occur below the gum line, which are hard to identify through visual inspection and conventional x-ray technology, however, RAYPIA has overcome this problem with their innovative RADICA-V handheld X-ray for animals.

Commanded by their continuous desire for generating and cultivating innovative portable dental X-ray for dental diagnosis tools and technology Raypia launched not only RADICA, a human dental diagnosis tool this year but they have also introduced RADICA-V for animal dental diagnosis. Although, RADICA-V has same design and technical specifications with RADICA, the main distinction is that Raypia has specifically designed a lovely animal sticker and an exclusive animal GUI.

Compared to a conventional wall-mount X-ray, RADICA-V is for out-of-office mobile use so it can go with veterinarians no matter where the animals are. It is a battery-powered portable handheld x-ray device so it enables veterinarians to diagnose animals even without electric power supply. Another important feature of the Radica-V is that it is wireless and cordless which makes is easier to carry and store.

The Raypia spokesperson said: “At Raypia, innovation is at the core of everything that we do. Since our inception, we have remained true to our commitment of creating portable x-ray tools that are helping more than just a few, which is why we have dedicated the time and effort to develop RADICA-V especially for use on animals. The RADICA-V out-of-office mobile dental x-ray tool will allow veterinarians to perform dental x-rays on animals more easily, without the need for the animal and the vet to be at the clinic with a wall mount x-ray machine. We value the trust our consumers have in us and it motivates us to do better and exceed their expectations.”

Raypia has acquired the permission and license from Korean Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency in October 2017. Furthermore, they have als registered RADICA-V on U.S. FDA and is waiting for CE approval this winter. Raypia expects RDICA-V to be of great assistance to veterinarians all over the world.

The spokesperson further added, “dental care starts from clear X-ray images. Accurate dental diagnosis is not optional. With RADICA-V, consultation with family of companion animals can be much easier.”

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