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November, 2017-, a company that is well known for their high-flying deeds in the area of serving as the subsidiary information platform of Shenzhen Zhong Long Network Technology Co. Ltd. They are the world’s only Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) e-commerce website. rely on the professional information service and the advanced internet technology that provides a reliable supply and demand platform and comprehensive business solutions in the field of drones. They are also recognised as the preferred site for the people of the UAV industry to gain access to relevant information, enterprise promotion and customers purchase.

Our core vision is to be an honorable IT media in UAV industry. We strive to promote the development of UAV industry in China and to elevate the development of UAV technology. We focus on delivering the core competencies of UAV companies, building and disseminating the brand of influence of the UAV industry in the world.  We are also known to promote the use of UAV technology” said the manager of

Their UAV product includes Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (agricultural UAVs, industrial UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles, consumer UAVs), UAV systems, UAV accessories, UAV News (UAV News, Exhibition News, UAV Reviews). UAV has myriad and unlimited uses; it is used in agriculture and plant protection, remote sensing and mapping, police and security, forest fire, logistics and distribution, power line, railway pipeline inspection, film and television aerial photography.

UAV is a new round of global science and technology revolution and industrial revolution hot, their industrial development related to national interests, civil rights. UAVs have relatively low cost, no risk of casualties, strong survivability, good maneuverability, and a wide range of uses
UAV is applied to many fields related to national economy and the people’s livelihood, playing a variety of important productive forces. win industry experts, professional users and many manufacturers of widespread concern and strong support. Their product also serves as anti-drug surveillance, border patrol, maritime law enforcement, air command, communications relay, traffic control, military anti-terrorism.

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 It is soon will be  located in Shenzhen, the UVA captial of China. Their site is a through network to better integrate products and customers together.


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