GONG Kanwen: A Legendary Marketer of 20 Billion

GONG Kanwen is so busy that he is answering calls from customers all over the country even at lunchtime. As a legendary figure in the real estate marketing industry, GONG Kanwen jokingly calls himself the very busy cowboy in a famous song.

As for GONG Kanwen, there are always many fairy tales about him circulating in the industry – such as the industry legend that despite a slowdown in real estate development and investment today, he has sold more than RMB10 billion worth of real estate for Wanping No.88, a top-class community in Shanghai. The Legendary 20 Billion RMB Marketer is a nickname which the industry has given to GONG Kanwen. Nevertheless, from one aspect, it reflects the sensations which GONG Kanwen has created in the real estate marketing circles in the country – in a spell of only 2 or 3 years, GONG Kanwen set the No.1 sales record, at RMB20 billion, in China’s real estate industry. Besides, the “multifactor analysis method” uniquely created by him has now had a profound impact on the entire field of real estate marketing, and is also seen as a bible by many newcomers in the industry.

The public first came to know about the concept of “multifactor analysis method” from a high-level article, “Research on the Application of Market Segmentation Theory in Real Estate Marketing”, which GONG Kanwen published in the 17th issue, 2016, of Real Estate Guide. In this paper which has been recognized by industry experts to be the most important paper of landmark significance in the field of real estate marketing in China in recent years, GONG Kanwen presents a detailed explanation of what is the “multifactor analysis method”. In real estate marketing, he believes that four factors have a profound impact on overall marketing performance. These four factors are the consumer, the real estate periphery environment, the consumer’s consumption psychology and the consumer behavior. All real estate marketing must carry out surveys, research and analysis by centering on these four major factors, develop truly feasible, comprehensive and sound marketing strategies in terms of both internal and external factors of consumers. This is the only way to truly achieve targeted operations and seize opportunities in the real estate market, where competition has become increasingly more intense. To put it simply, the “multifactor analysis method” is to achieve rapid sales of real estate through closed-loop marketing of strategy formulation, on-site observation, information feedback and strategy adjustment. When GONG Kanwen put forward this new model of real estate marketing, it made a big splash in the industry. Some have predicted that the original “multifactor analysis method” developed by GONG Kanwen will revolutionize real estate marketing models. And, later facts have also proven that this remark is no empty talk.

Today, GONG Kanwen is Founding Partner, Vice President and Marketing General Manager of Jeffur International (Shanghai) Holdings Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, he is also General Manager of Shanghai G-Nexus Business Consulting Co., Ltd. In addition, GONG Kanwen has won important titles of great significance, including the “Marketing Leader in China’s Real Estate Market”. Behind the numerous titles and honors is the busier work of GONG Kanwen. As a leading figure and an outstanding representative of the industry, he is also busy with writing books besides his routine work to create one real estate marketing record after another. In the past two years, GONG Kanwen has successively published many books, including Research on Marketing and Enterprise Operations, Real Estate Development and Management, and Theory and Application of Marketing Management in the Context of Economic Globalization. To him, giving a fish to a man is not as good as passing on fishing techniques to him. He considers it crucial to pass on his many years of experience and ideas of real estate marketing to more people so as to help them gain a firm foothold in the fiercely competitive real estate industry as soon as possible. And indeed, he has exactly done such work. All the books written by GONG Kanwen have become extremely popular with readers. Almost every of these books has now become a classic publication in the real estate marketing world in the new period.

From a legendary marketer who created a sales record of RMB20 billion using his original “multifactor analysis method” to an industry guru who has written articles and books, GONG Kanwen is already standing on the pinnacle of the industry. However, he admits that he does not like the feeling of looking down from a height. Rather, he loves looking horizontally. He reckons that when one looks in the horizontal direction, he or she can know himself/herself and customers. It is also in such equal exchanges, one can gain deep insight into the consumption behavior of consumers, look for new breakthrough points in the real estate industry and thus provide more comprehensive and thoughtful services for all customers. In the eyes of the reporter, perhaps it is precisely this mindset of looking at all things horizontally and equally that has enabled GONG Kanwen to reach the peak of the real estate marketing industry and set one sales record after another.

(Author: ZHANG Wangshen)

ZHANG Wangshen, a well-known senior real estate media person in China, has a wide range of influence in China and has been the author of most of the top 100 Chinese real estate companies. Column received wide acclaim from the industry

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