FacePinPoint Launches to Combat Nonconsensual Intimate Image Sharing

Lionel Hagege, CEO and Founder
Online Platform Promises to Help Women & Men Avoid Pain & Victimization Due to ‘Revenge Porn’

Zoey Thompson, Features Editor

BEVERLY HILLS – November 30, 2017 – FACEPINPOINT is a new online tool in the fight against nonconsensual intimate image sharing, also referred to as “revenge porn.” The web-based system helps people find their intimate photos online, which have been shared without permission, filmed without their knowledge, or otherwise obtained without consent.

A 2016 study by Data & Society Research Institute found approximately 10 million Americans were either threatened with, or were the victims of, “nonconsensual image sharing.” These numbers represent a staggering indictment of technology and its previous inability to help victims. FACEPINPOINT takes aim at those numbers, by providing technology to aid victims and their families in their fight for justice and privacy.

CEO and Founder of FACEPINPOINT, Lionel Hagege, was motivated to create the online service after watching a 2015 news story about a woman who committed suicide, after an intimate video of hers was shared online without her permission.

“I am a father of daughters,” explains Lionel Hagege. “I cannot help but look at stories like hers from the perspective of a father. ‘How would I feel if this happened to my child? There must be a way to keep victims safe. There must be a way to find and remove these images.’ I kept asking myself, ‘Where are the tools to help people in this situation?’ After many searches on the internet, I realized there were none. That is when I decided to create a solution; this is the origin of FACEPINPOINT.”

FACEPINPOINT is a facial recognition platform, designed to pinpoint a user’s intimate pictures published illegally online. After the images are located, actions can be taken to have them removed, either through the user’s own legal team, or through the platform’s nationwide network of lawyers, to ensure victims get the justice they deserve. FACEPINPOINT not only has the power to search the entire web for intimate media, it has the power to protect individuals from the non-consensual sharing of their private images and information. The platform only finds the images of each user; third-party users are unable to search for images, thanks to a multiple-factor verification process.

In addition to the company’s network of lawyers, FACEPINPOINT relies on an incredibly talented team of people who are passionate about the message, the commitment, and the aim of FACEPINPOINT. The company promises a non-judgmental atmosphere, and urges everyone to take a stand against “victim-shaming,” a destructive hallmark of the revenge porn community.

“FACEPINPOINT is simply the best insurance available to find your private images online, before someone you know does, or after someone who wishes to do you harm decides to share those images,” says Lionel Hagege. “We care about your reputation, and about you as an individual. We believe what is shared in private should remain private. FACEPINPOINT is here to help keep it that way, and we look forward to helping both women and men in the fight to keep their privacy intact.”

For more information, visit www.Facepinpoint.com.

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