Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy Hosts A 2 Day ‘Reinvent Your Business’ Retreat, December 9 – 10, 2017

Reinvent Your Business
This intensive and experiential retreat offers guidance to entrepreneurs to clarify their purpose and align their business with it so they can expand to the next level.

Oakville – With start-ups on the rise and many established businesses looking to re-brand, business owners are either creating based on their purpose or based on a dis-connect between their values and their business world. For some entrepreneurs, the dream of owning their own business became a struggle after it started.

On December 9 & 10, Irina Benedict, founder of the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy, will lead the Reinvent Your Business Retreat. The goal of the retreat is not only to clarify attendees’ personal purpose and release inner blocks but also to create and refocus practical strategies that direct their business to further growth. This two-day experience will guide entrepreneurs as they strategize and discover how to attract better results in their business, at the same time making positive changes in their emotions and alignment with their purpose.

According to Irina Benedict, “Your business is an extension of your belief and emotions. As you heal the past you can step freely into the future. The best laid out business plans and strategies don’t work unless you shift something in your emotional makeup. But when that shift happens, your income also shifts upwards.”

Irina will guide attendees to: discover what worked and what didn’t work during the past year; release the past so that entrepreneurs can move into a bright future; align their authentic self with their business self and clarify their purpose and focus for the next level.

Attendees can expect to envision the next level they will achieve by setting goals for every area of their business and developing new habits and rituals for success. 

The two-day retreat will be held at the Holiday Inn Oakville. The registration fee includes: the intensive workshop, three meals, a workbook, access to a private Facebook group that provides connection and support, and a one-on-one business strategy call with Irina Benedict to prepare attendees to take their business to an exciting new level in 2018.

Regular Registration is $695; Early Bird Registration is $555 (Canadians add tax). Register by November 25 and save $140.

Order tickets now at https://www.pampermeevents.com/ or https://entrepreneurenlightenmentacademy.com

About Irina Benedict

Irina overcame a difficult past and the decision to change careers when she realized that being a successful nuclear engineer wasn’t giving her the inner peace that she sought. In turn, she guides other entrepreneurs to a path of renewal that will benefit the individual, their business, and its’ contribution to society.

Irina Benedict built her survivor mindset while escaping from a childhood of parental abuse, deprivation under Communist rule, and the gender bias belief that women were inferior to men. She overcame these obstacles and moved to Canada where she built an outstanding career as a nuclear engineer. Despite her professional success, she was close to burning out. Then, in 2010, she attended a Hay House I CAN DO IT conference in Toronto with a past life regression led by Denise Linn. Her life underwent a dramatic transformation as she changed careers and became a Strategic Intervention Coach. She and her husband left the city for the tranquility of the country where she started her coaching and teaching business.  As she discovered that entrepreneurs who remain shackled to the past end up self-sabotaging their future success, she founded the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy. Irina is now thriving and can show you how to thrive too!

About Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy

Founded by Irina Benedict, the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy provides coaching, curriculum, events and community to support all facets of an entrepreneur’s journey to success. The Academy is designed to nurture purposeful achievers who are seeking greater clarity, confidence and assurance to attain the goal of growing their own business. Irina encourages members of the entrepreneurial community who are seeking a more holistic approach to achievement in the business world to become purpose-driven and make the world a more peaceful, loving place.

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