Exciting New Rita Lazar Handbag Is the Perfect Accessory for Women

Handbags for women are a must, but obtaining one that meets all of their needs is a challenge.  After years of research designer Rita Lazar has produced a handbag that offers all of the essential functions that a handbag should.  The new line of Rita Lazar handbags are sleek and stylish, crafted from top quality leather. In addition to a highly appealing visual style, the Rita Lazar handbag also has an integrated wallet with cardholders, coin caches and bill pockets.

Rita Lazar has invested an enormous amount of time into researching the optimal features for the perfect handbag.  After years of never being satisfied with the handbags on the market, Rita set out to craft one that would meet all the essential criteria for most female consumers.  Her final product has been meticulously designed to be attractive, comfortable, affordable and fully functional. Among the features that consumers will find most appealing are an easy to access wallet that is zipper secured, optimized strap length, well-designed internal pockets and light weight.

The Rita Lazar Handbag will be the must have item for women in the coming years, but it must first reach the market.  In order to manufacture this handsome handbag, Rita has estimated that she must raise $40,000.  The prototypes and finalized versions have all been produced; all that is required is for the manufacturing process to be completed and the initial batch produced.  In order to raise the necessary funds, Rita has sponsored a campaign on Indiegogo.  Financial contributors to this campaign may receive valuable rewards like Rita Lazar Handbags, monogrammed handbags, or memorialization on the Lazar website. To learn more about Rita Lazar Handbags or to make a financial contribution to this worthy project, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rita-lazar-handbags–2.

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