Brazilian songwriter launches his debut alternative rock album on Indiegogo

Leonardo Telles, a Brazilian songwriter, and passionate musician has announced the launch of his debut music album titled Dreamland, based on alternative rock, on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. His goal is to raise funds, which will be used to hire a mastering session with the legendary Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound and the resources needed for a great music video. He promises to bring musical bliss and a new twist to the contemporary rock music through his experimental approach and unique singing style.

This Brazilian developed a passion for music at an early age and started playing guitar in the year of 2000. He had a keen interest in alt-rock music and his first band titled Loudstrange was a cover project of grunge acts with his college pals. In 2004, Leon started a new musical concept from the scratch, named Atomic Bomb Watcher, resulting in a great demo in 2006. The band remained fully active till 2010 and after that Leonardo decided to go ahead and record the major album of the band himself. Two great players from Europe joined his venture along the way.

Just like for any newcomer, the recording process can be a real challenge, consuming hours and hours of intense work and studies. The loss of a major influence in his life, and the wish of honoring art came to an unexpected conclusion. In short, this project is the fruition of 7 years of dedication and never-ending love for music.

Despite all the craving for chances, the music industry, as we knew, exists no more, this fact implies in an exclusive crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The success of this campaign will build an ultimate session with Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound, and the resources needed for a great Stop-Motion Music Video.

The collaborators will vote what song will be captured on video and receive full credits as producers of it. Reach out and visit us for exclusive content every week, along with other perks by supporting this campaign on Indiegogo.

Media Contact
Company Name: Space Brothers
Contact Person: Grace Williams (PR Manager)
Country: Brazil