Newcomer actor Jair Burgos May Be The Lead of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion Alongside Ryan Gosling.

It is rumored newcomer Actor Jair Burgos may play one of the leads in upcoming Disney’s The Haunted Mansion movie alongside Ryan Gosling accoding to sources familiar with the matter.

The remake of Disneys The Haunted Mansion has been on the works since 2010 and its based on the popular ride from Walt Disney World Resort. According to the anonymous source Ryan Gosling has been attached since 2015 and a script has already been completed; private auditions has been done and newcomer Jair Burgos has come as a frontrunner in the process.

The anonymous source states “They feel he is very talented and charismatic and will be able to charm the audiences with his performance”. In 2010 Director Guillermo del toro announced at San Diego comic con that he will be writing and producing The Haunted Mansion remake he stated

The thing I want to do is remake it.” He further added, “The movie I see in my head of Haunted Mansion is not, I believe, what everyone is imagining it to be. It’s not just a regular world with a haunted mansion plopped in the middle. I really am thinking of a movie that has a heightened reality.” Guillermo del Toro has watched the original The Haunted Mansion movie featuring Eddie Murphy and Marsha Thomason in 2003. Since the announcement was made over 7 years ago, speculations about who will play the lead roles have been making the rounds in the news and gossip sites.

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