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Helping you with all your Hard Water Problems

Do you have a hard water issue in your home or business?    Hard water can be a very nasty and embarrassing problem that is not easily removed without the assistance of professionals.  If you live in the Vaughanand nearby areas then there is a solution for you.

The professionals at Green Approved Solutions can offer you assistance with water filtration and water filter systems to make hard water a thing of the past.  

Some of the signs of hard water include the following:

  • An unpleasant taste or odor in your water—your water can have a metallic taste due to iron deposits in the water, or a dirt taste due to actual dirt in your water, it can also have a rotten egg odor to it.
  • Staining and mineral deposits—these can come in the form of reddish-brown, rust colored stain in the toilet or white mineral deposits on or around the sink faucets.
  • Itchy skin and dull hair—hard water can leave deposits on your skin and hair as well, leaving skin itchy and dry and hair limp and dull.
  • Clogging the plumbing- hard water minerals can also build up in the pipes and cause them to become clogged.
  • Frequently replacing appliances- hard water is also hard on your appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher; not only wearing them down faster, but also using excess energy. 

Green Approved Solutions can help you with these problems by installing a new water filter system to soften your hard water problems. This filtration system can show results in the way your skin and hair feels; better tasting water; appliances will have an increased longevity; there will be a reduction in the amount of chlorine in your water; reduced soap scum and water stains; as well as softer clothing that has less soap residue. 

The water filtration experts at Green Approved Solutions are here to help you.  Don’t leave your families health and the water they drink and bathe with to chance.  Call  today at 1-800-848-5742, and you can speak to a friendly representatives about scheduling an appointment for an experienced and professional water filter systems expert to come to your and give you an estimate on having a new water filtration system installed. 

About Green Approved Solutions:

Green Approved Solutions G.A.S has the most highly trained HVAC specialists serving Toronto and the surrounding areas to upgrade their heating and cooling systems to be more energy efficient.  G.A.S. also works with multiple auditors, accredited by Enbridge, to get homeowners the maximum Enbridge and OPA (Ontario Power Authority) rebate checks up to $2200 for upgrading their appliances to be more energy efficient. 

G.A.S. takes pride in being a “one stop shop” for all your heating and cooling needs.  G.A.S. works with multiple HVAC companies in order to save you time and money and get you the free estimates and assessments, as well as affordable quotes for quality installation services. 

Homeowners can call  24 hours a day/ 7 days a week (including holidays) to get a hold of one of the specialists to give up-to-date information, service calls, rebates or emergency services. 

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